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Special council looking into russian meddling in last year's election has reportedly extended the investigation into possible obstruction of justice by the president it's morning edition from npr news ooh coming up we question of democratic lawmaker patty murray on what an expanding investigation could be i'm steve inskeep and i may to martin were also learning more details about the man who shot five people at a republican baseball pact outside washington dc yesterday we'll hear from residents of his hometown this hour plus congress passes new tighter sanctions on in russia whatever mean for the trump administration the struggles to get humanitarian aid to people in need and south sudan and how the decline of the retail industry has left some workers address it's thursday june 15 rapper an actor ice q is forty eight years old today the news is next live from npr news in washington i'm of coleman a published report says the special counsel investigating russian meddling in the us election is now looking into whether president trump obstructed justice in the investigation the washington post reports that special counsel robert muller is seeking to question several top in intelligence officials devlin barrett is with the washington post he tells npr's morning edition the special council will likely be checking up on last week's testimony from fired fbi director james colmey were told that investigators wanna talk to a handful of senior intelligence official and that mexican beach because you know this this whole debate between what what occurred but in the private meetings between call me at trump it essentially a he said.

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