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Chief. Get up! Get up here! Got hurt, Daniel, go! Go back. He just hit a walk off Grand Slam home run, and he has cut brewers on the field, every one of them. I'm waiting for him at home plate. Whoa, whoa. Finished to this one. That is Mr Baseball. Bob. That's why I wanted to play that one last. Just the classic classic call. Here's the bus. Get up. Get out of here. Gone. I mean, um, I think I was, uh Scott. Maybe last week was talking about Your favorite. Announcer voice, your favourite sporting and now you know, they brought up Wayne and things like that. But the first one that came into my head was younger Youngers. You know, I'll be driving back from up north and there's a game on and I tune in just for Ugur. Because he's laugh out loud, funny at times, but he knows how to weave a story into the play by play. It's fantastic. I have found myself listening to more radio. Coverage of the Brewers this year for for a lot of reasons. I've been outside allowed to allow things working at the garden, working on my projects and appreciate it, even the games where the Brewers aren't playing well, the magic And the the charisma of a Bob. You Kurt, listening to him, talk about things unrelated to the game and just fun stuff goofing around. He is a national treasure. He's a local treasures, Certainly best and best and to all the brewers. I mean, this is a team where every member of the team contributes in some fashion. And they have each other's backs. They they cheered for Bogle Barkley cheer for anyone who stands up in these situations, High tension, high pressure high drama, and they do the right thing. This is a special team. We have no idea how they're going to do in the playoffs and the playoffs. Ours in my mind is certainly think they're magic numbers in the teens now. This is a team that will go into the postseason. Nothing but opportunity here for a team that's kind of live with the legacy of 82 for too long in my opinion, time to move on time, too. Recreate that magic. It's time again. You know we've had we've had issues obviously look at the books, so it's very similar with the Brewers. I just think that there's a There's a camaraderie that we haven't seen with this team in a long time. I love it. Now we're going to play for you after the break the opposite of enthusiasm, Okay has to at the Wisconsin Badgers football game. Gosh, yeah, I know we'll play that for you after the break, don't change that dial more of Steven Carroll or next on WTMJ. Next time you're due for service, visit Richmond dot com to schedule an appointment at any of our five conveniently located facilities. All Tripoli approved and all staff by a C certified technicians ready to serve you. Which laws Hey, this is 6 20 Wtmj Steve's Committee for Advent like a lot of you guys. I had snoring issues. I was waking myself up all night. My wife was unfortunately, the next to me. I was waking her up that led the poor sleep and a lot of tired mornings on the radio. Nobody wants a grouchy radio host. Trust me to put it simply my nose wasn't working the way it should. Decide to go to average for a quick 30 minute visit. Love their docks love their facilities. Advent totally put me at ease. And after really simple sleep study done at home in my own bed in terms of cause my problem. I had my Sinuses and nasal passages in my breathing triangle. Quick diagnosis short procedure done in office. I'm back to breathing. Well, my wife and I are, thankfully, back to sleeping through the whole night..

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