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Car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch, which was awesome. We were just conferring myself from the dannettes, and we will leave the voting open until tonight at midnight Easter for the meat bandits. Because it they they were telling me that it's going to get crazy after the show, and they were gonna take it all the way till midnight eastern. So you have time to vote you can vote on the app, but at midnight, we'll decide the final to meet Friday songs seat. And can we play the two songs that are leading their matchup? So there's Holly in Pennsylvania. She's leading John in Wisconsin, meet yourself. She did meet on her tribute to dream on by Aerosmith. On me. Jar. Great stuff by Hawley, Pennsylvania. And then in the other matchup. It's a Kenyan California traitors leading beat Friday. I'm in love by Keith leeann, Texas. So here's translators. Trade any on this barbecue it's damn good to which can't be any. Careful with the Beale. If you know what? I mean, check the. Both. It was a clear bright around noon. Dp in the boys were trying to consume search for some beef Sanmen on the phone suck it from bro. What's up the home? Just picked up some sides at the grocery on a mission. Trying to find some ten to me gots baby back, Briggs. Now, it's time to eat danettes. Indeed p grabby section Rosie. Fritzy the phone wrestle junior third. A can't believe it's happening in Milford. Got a stat of the day. And then we'll take. So that's translators and you have to midnight eastern tabulating votes. And then we will decide who will be competing for our national championship. Couple of phone calls. Jordy Nelson will join us Bronson Pittsburgh Abramson. What do you have for me today? That's just wanted to mention my favorite moments in the make it just wanted to say for for Bank. Ever been with you since the end of the show, and I'm sure for their nation one. You know, I know the new came by you know, so much better. But you know, we watch on TV it's kind of our home ourselves. And if any source if any would move to have the movie because movie, let me now, but but if they were may came in it was when Jimmy Roenick within the make Jack ballers. Yep. Pauly's not afraid to take on these athletes. Thank you branche should have been you should. Well, you've you've run into Adrian Peterson clay Matthews junior. Gave you a slap to the chest. I believe the pantheon of things. So when when Jeremy Roenick hit me in the jaw with his elbow. It really like Sisa stars. And it was a little queasy about half an hour because he hit me way heart attacks. But I think the hardest hit on this show. They probably two of them. It was JJ. Watt hitting Seton with a pie, but smashing the pie. Into his face and then Michael Irvin. When he did that to me because Mike didn't understand the premise of hitting somebody with a pie. He he put his hand. Right. You know into my nose in actually drew blood when he was smashing apply in my face. More phone calls best moments of the man cave or worst moments of the man cave. Eight seven seven three DP show, Email address DP, Dan, Patrick dot com. He's Jordy.

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