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Down. He's dead. he can't get up anymore. Loved this match. love the finish. It didn't finish with a stunner. Or is it. which is i think. Kevin owens official finisher right the stunner. And it's not. It's not the papa powerbombed anymore like it didn't it finished with two table shots and being powerbombed off the side of the the ring apron. And and that's it i i like matches that don't finish in contrived ways. Were you like if you if you weren't paying attention here. You completely missed out on it. You missed the finish. I like that keeps on your toes. If you haven't lost this match go back and watch it. Say hello to injection to k. Welcome to the chat wasn't cool. Beans was hot trash. okay. I want a new once this. Maybe i pulled the trigger a little too quickly in the trash thing but zelina vega is officially back in. Wwe this is not the hot trash. I want to preface this right now. In fact lena vega is back working. Wwe collecting a paycheck from big vinnie. Mac I'm i'm i'm that i'm good with that. That's good for her. She got so much shit for for pop back for showing up. And i don't know why because of the i think she in the minds of a lot of people had become the symbol of the resistance in thailand sticking up to the further promoters with the you know the unionisation stuff and all that now. She is support unionization. She deleted the tweet. I mean it's her prerogative. She can do whatever she wants. You can't blame anyone. Here's that you can't blame anyone for. You can't blame anyone for moving into a position where you're going to make a salary where you're going to make money where you get a job. Can't blame anyone for doing that. I think zelina pulled the trigger a little early when she started talking about unionization it..

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