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Sorry by me at winwood at gramps four double Sevil. Oh, we love. Yes, Miami is that place to be rawal Jupiter velva across all social media platforms? The dog passing by and I'm very excited, but I'm good, ignore it because it's doing its job service and we, we let them work. Thank you so much. Jupiter. Those who lives nice to meet you. Any negative photo with you? I love that. I love the representation mid balletic VM is thought though. Jupiter velvet. That's awesome. Yes. Did we talk about gigli calendar ready? Yes, we did grow. No, she didn't go into detail. I mean, you talk about being in her book, but you didn't tell me anything about her. Well, I just I just think it's interesting that gigli Kellyanne she's for the Pena and she. She also came out as trans few years ago on the on the or last year maybe on the grizzly KiKi podcast. She's representing the trans community a lot. She's also on pose which you haven't seen yet which you need to watch. I, I'm, I'm going to put your life together. She was telling me about this organization, Miss Universe, Latina that she actually won a few years back, and it was interesting to hear her. Talk about letting need that and how she considers herself let the because she's for Lupino high gigli. Well, we're here with the podcast Latinos who lunch, right. Okay. I do like lunch. And so what is your favorite leads. Obvious, I will be no food. So that's like if you're gonna ask me about like rely in food. I love Indian and I don't. I'm gonna do, and I do like the Puerto Rican bananas, I fucking love favorite. They're so good. But what about Philipino food, Philip enough job? I like I like I like everything that's enough it. Okay, let's it's food is comfortable. I love it. Yeah. Sauce with like mocks tail in it. Oh, oh my God. It was so bomb. My friend Halley, who made it from scratch, could do that too, but it takes time and I just don't have the, you don't have the time for it. You're famous girl that I don't have to like numbered. I saw you on TV. Believable. So this is kind of like the look I wanted to do. They gave me that little on that. I was like, Jesus. Kidding. I love the way I looked because he's far from who my signature gigli looked, so I, it was nice. I want to ask you about your identity a little bit because you're over here Remmy with. Guess USA. Yes. Tell me a little bit about two thousand nine. I competed for universal hours first Philipino girl to win, and they opened the door for me because they felt that Philippines as part of its has erased so much of Latin culture. So they allowed me to compete and I wouldn't. I initially the free. I was miss been universal at that. I won the national in. Amazing. And I always say, Philipino our cousins. I consider them Dino. Thank you. I've always said the Filipino Mexicans of like h in the Brown girls are like the Brown agents. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I also like the spicy Asian culture. Oh yeah. We I like where the mouse, you know we go one? Yeah. I'm from betas. Awesome. Mike Nicola. Venos- everywhere. Oh, yeah, definitely. Representing not only for. That's what things because universal has been so many doors for me, and I wanted to share the platform that I have with them because they're using Patchett and they serve be broadcasted more there. So I think it's an amazing pads. Anybody out there who's queer trans and anybody who's competes in pageantry male, female, plus please look universal. USA. They're amazing. And yeah, gigli. Thank you so much. Thank you're having me here at your boot hanging out. It's been so fun. I'm buying all the merge. Combi Julie's booth right now. Get everything. Yeah, come by summer's wind drag race. I can't even get an all star. So please hook us up. Guys. We'll also you on TV. Thank you. So I mean. It does make sense like you have no idea in UNLV more than here in Chicago, but like how many Filipino Students I had totally identify with the material and the subjects and in everything about my class because in a way we were colonized by the same fuck in red beard, you know..

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