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Up this crazy tent that was like outside in the snow. So it was very cold, but then they could also sort of control the air coming in and out. Make it exactly. Perfect. So the circumstances between the true brother's wouldn't vary. Oh. My goodness. It's like such a complicated methodology how they set this up. As you mentioned in one episode, they had them swallow a thermometer that would take their basil temperature. They add blood samples going they were taking skin temperatures I mean everything you could hope for you and here's the conclusion. No significant differences were found between the two subjects indicating that a lifestyle with frequent exposures to extreme cold does not seem to affect be. which is that Brown fat and cit cold induced Thermo Genesis. But in both subjects, bat was not higher compared to earlier observations. Where as cit was very high, which suggests that the to like breathing during cold exposure may cause additional heat production So one thing that they noticed as they were doing this study is that Andre automatically started doing that we're breathing. Intuitive to him in sting. Yeah. So that made them think like actually no. Now I'm extrapolating made me wonder was there something about their physical makeup that just makes that an easy way to breathe or Bro? Did he had he sort of comes into live leader these brothers because of their genetics and then he has to teach it to us right or has he seen Wim do it I, feel like you said some exposure to whims method you think yeah. So we. Done it himself did he just sort of naturally go like well, here's what you do. Interesting. Another thing they found is I'm going to quote this because I wouldn't know how to summarize it. If I tried they were Gino typed with the polymorphism for uncoupling protein one G CIT was relatively high, but unlike during our previous cold exposure tests in young adult men both subjects practiced this breathing technique. So this this uncoupling protein apparently kind of activates this process a little bit. Okay. So it seems like maybe these to have something that makes us just a tiny bit easier and then on top of that okay. You have the Bilton belief right the the motivation to do it genetic advantage. To this belief but one thing I. think it did show is that women often have more brown fat total than his brother right? His brother actually has slightly more from doing the methods. So yeah, it's amazing that it's slightly more. As, slight as that may be it at least tells us you know we shouldn't expect to build up a lot of brown fat from doing the Wim Hof method more frequent cold exposure totally I was reading an NPR. Where they talked with the DR C Ronald Kahn, a researcher at Harvard medical, school who was one of the first scientists to document the existence of Brown fat in adults in the mid two thousands anyway. So he said that people can increase their levels of brown fat by being in mildly cold environments though he pointed out the being in extreme cold environments doesn't right. You anything additional and he said the effect on the number of calories burnt is also really minimal. It's not generating a ton of energy. So That's interesting. Yeah. He said the average person will burn an extra one hundred to two hundred calories a day when Brown fat is activated. But if you have a Muffin, forget it. Oh. Yeah. A HALF A muffin. What kind of tease eating you'll need a quarter and he says, the USA Brown fat may be active for a few hours but it's not a permanent thing. Right. So that's another thing going on here is that they'll talk about the immune response well, sure. There's an immune response, but there's also an immune response in the placebo effect. So yeah. Yeah. So I mean that is true that if you make your body believe you're taking a treatment, you get this quick little hit moon response, but it's very short lived. So in the studies that they are often referencing where they injected this sort of the endotoxin yeah. A sort of fake toxin into the system that should provoke an immune response, the people who were like our. Hoffman. The studies not blinded. Those, people didn't get a little kick in the immune system, and so then they take their blood and they go. Yeah. There it is. Your Body did respond but this wasn't a real toxin so we wouldn't expect anybody to get sick consequently nobody did. Yeah. But though I think it had enough components that I think you can expect that there will be a bodily reaction to. Oh. Totally. But very shortly even if you don't know, right that's true. But Yeah. If you injected someone while they were sleeping with that, they'd wake me like Whoa I am I getting chills fever all of a sudden Oh, definitely. Definitely just clarify that. Yeah. Yeah for sure but but you're right about the blinding because the twelve people who were chosen they were very excited because they're like we get to work with Wim Hof but the twelve people weren't shows and all wanted to work with Wim Hof and he promised them hey, will if you participate in the study, I'll do the method with you after the study and he told. So so all of this contributes to them saying, Oh, well, I haven't done it yet co bright. So even if you were quote unquote blinded, you'd be like why haven't been taught top the thing yet. So I'm clearly in the placebo. I'm feeling chills and fever. crummy right now can't wait to meet whim. Yeah I mean and of course, it's not completely clear cut but it does contribute to a little bit of bias, right? So yeah, at the end of the day, does this boost your immune system in any sort of way that's going to help you long term if you have a chronic condition or whatever I if so we don't have any evidence of it yet. That I see and more related to the cold exposure. In that same article, they were talking about how the act of shivering itself also doesn't generate a lot of activity. It's not a good form of exercise by itself. It doesn't buy you a lot and they made a really good point in this too because you know often times when people are talking about the this method they're saying, oh, we'll go shirtless. Always does and I myself went on an eight mile run last night and I was runnin shirtless and I'm doing my Wim Hof breathing feeling. Great. But they were saying you get hot when you exercise anyway and you usually find out you know, Oh, i. didn't need that shirt totally heated up even though it's pretty cold out and I hadn't thought about this next step, which is that well, if your body is heating up, you're not really enjoying any benefits of cold exposure anyway your body's share your warm. Just another factor there but I've always liked running in the cold because of that thermal regulation I'm not worried about over-heating. I'm not sweating profusely totally You know that's why gyms are air conditioned. Right, so So. There's good support for low amounts of cold. You know talking like on the level of sixty two degrees or something like that. But it doesn't seem like the data supports extreme cold exposure for any of these benefits were talking about except for maybe psychological benefits. Oh you know you are teaching yourself. Your limits are higher than you thought and I don't know I think I mentioned this in a previous episode that I do think giving yourself very random challenges just to prove you have the stuff to do it is good for you. Psychologically also doesn't kill you which this might I'm Kerry. Wow you. Know Bumper stickers today. So, people. because. People have gotten really sick doing this and people have died doing this. You're bright. Yes. at least now they're pretty clear about what those parameters are. So don't go by yourself into extremely cold water. Especially, if you're just getting started, you know have a spotter just like you would if you're lifting a super heavyweight same thing around water and driving, we've set at a million times. That's that's how people die. I haven't actually heard of any driving related deaths but definitely, the water don't do the breathing method around water. Well, we're being really clear about that. I'm not so sure that is that clear about it certainly, the APP is and our workshop. But then he's also like it here's me doing it in water abry exactly, and then people are like, oh I can hold my breath now that's amazing I'm holding my breath for three minutes yeah. Let's go do that in the water you don't do it it's k manner you guys it's mckanie manner that's what I'm saying well I'm thinking about that article another thing that they brought up was this idea of training your blood vessels Somehow. Wim Hof seems to allude to this all the time that yeah like. We're training our blood vessels to constrict at the right times and to control our.

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