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Billy coming in the Great American. And as you know, there was a lot of high school football played on Friday. Lot of soccer. I see Saint ex went down again in football. In a ridiculous ending to the game. Rocky Boy men should take over that football program. Sand ex look terrible lost the game. Deer Park did not play all of it just all of its starters at Indian Hill on Friday night. I think Indian hell beat Deer Park and football 45 to 0, but they're saving a lot of their better players to put him in against more important opponents. And I also note that college football began with Austin P. I also note the Cleveland Browns and the Bangles are scrimmaging. Right here on the Big one yesterday. The defense beat the offense last night. I also note that there's lots of efforts in many parts of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana to get football back on the field. We're not sure what's going to happen and the bluegrass because Bashir is in full mode of shutting things down again, which is what Democrats like to do. But there's an effort at CPS since nine public schools to hashtag let us play with all the positive aspects that includes, which is formation of a young man or young woman. Show up on time. Follow the rules. Get good grades. Get a scholarship move on with life. Mike and many other liberal progressive communities. They don't want that to happen. And so as a consequence, the only large school district within the sound of my voice in Ohio that cannot play any false sports, including girls, Soccer and boys soccer. Since nine public schools and there are many concerned taxpayers, parents, teachers and whatever involved in CPS to kind of bring football and all fall sports back to C. P S, which is critical in the formation. Of a young man or young woman. They hashtag is let us play and one of the volunteers and one of those helping mentoring is Nicole. Frederick. She is a taxpayer in Cincinnati and a cold, Frederick. Welcome. I think for the first time to the Bill Cunningham show, Nicole, How are you? I'm doing fantastic. How are you? Good. Good go. That's layout. I'm watching Friday night, all of the football follies going on all the scores. What's happening? I listen to the Bangles last night. I'm watching college football Take place. I'm watching boys. Soccer. I'm watching Madeira beat up on Indian Hill again. And boys Soccer. I'm watching girls soccer. Going, at least on TV. I'm watching getting all the scores what is happening in the Cincinnati public school system relative to all fall sports as we speak Monday afternoon. What's happening right now in Cincinnati public schools All false sport. Are allowed to do every single thing from your practice to your weight room to your drills watching game film two scrimmages. They just can't play a game. So as I get so for five or six days a week The football team, The girls soccer team, Whatever it might be, they're running around. They're mating. They're getting ready. But there's no games No. On August 2nd, the superintendent of since a public schools, Lar Mitchell, made the decision to delay all competition so games until the school goes from being remote learning to in person learning And that's not gonna happen until the end of September. So that's a good four weeks away, so the earliest game might be the first of October. She gave an interview a few days ago and what she said they mean revisit the issue in about A few more days. Isn't there a big meeting on Wednesday? There is a big meeting down at the board of Education. I believe the time has been changed to four o'clock. And we know this because there is a a rally that is being scheduled. That's kind of a grassroots initiative to be a good visual toe. Let her know that this needs to be revisited and it needs to be reversed, just like many of the other inner city. School districts around the state had been doing I mean Columbus, just reverse that date in public just reversed it. Akron is probably voting to reverse it today. It needs to be looked at the data does not support Not having these kids play, especially since they've been doing this since June. And one might ask. I've asked the question and I don't get a definitive answer. As we sit here on August 31st I'm told that there's not one child of the 36,000 and CPS that have passed away. I'm also told that anyone's knowledge, not one child of the 36,000 CPS. He's gone to the hospital. So this is a circumstance where is extremely rare. It's prohibiting something not likely to occur anyway. Exactly. You have over 1500 state and athletes and over 175 coaches in fall sports alone in CPS on they are proceeding with caution. They have all their protocols in place because they want to play and they've done an excellent job. I am at Withrow High School for the football team, basically every day, delivering individual peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for these student athletes. And I watched the dedication that these individuals and the players are doing so that they can proceed and play their games. It's safe if they are watching everyone else around them. Including Indiana. And other counties play football and they can't do it. I mean, I heard, um some of them just so dejected that they were watching the LaSalle elder game online. And they weren't able to play there Friday and game and they see a next playing on ESPN two and they're not allowed to play their game for no reason. The data does not support them not going forward. I have statistics on Friday evening. These things were released late at night and Friday in Washington, D C Because It's explosive, but it's not well covered in the media because it doesn't fit. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a report late Friday night showing that only 9683 Americans or 6%. Have died with only having covert 19 listed on the death certificate. The other 94% 94% of the 86,000 died with comb abilities that included pneumonia, respiratory failure, hypertensive disease, diabetes, vascular and unspecified dementia, cardiac arrest, heart failure and kidney failure and that this means that On the death certificate. You have to put the cause of death and 94% of the cases of fatalities from covert 19. There were comb abilities that caused the death. They died with covert 19. Not because of covert 19 and as Faras youth dying in the entire country. There's about 100. I don't know. 180 million kids in the country on We've had deaths less than 100 Children of 180 Million and that includes Children that have serious health problems underlying conditions. Absolutely. This is not something to fear is something to worry about. Protect yourself, But it's not the bubonic plague. Absolutely. And I'm like you. I watch data. And even though I know that, you know the data can be flawed, too, because we're seeing all kinds of different cues, but I watched the Ohio Covad dashboard..

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