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Cruz registered holistic nutritionist. You can send me an email. Sandy at santa nutrition dot ca. If you wanna work with me. I'm on twitter. I am on facebook i. I'm on instagram on. I'm on clubhouse every single morning at eight thirty eastern with a group of phenomenally bright women. It's called the biohacking group. Biohacking women fifty plus. You don't have to be fifty and you don't have to be a woman but we're there every single morning. I welcome any ideas for new guests on my podcast and of course please do share. This episode subscribe rate and review. It means the world to us podcasters to get this type of feedback and to secure more. Incredible guests have a great week. Bye for now. Join me next week. Where i cough more exciting topics. I hope to continue to engage you at excite you and show you that living in your forties fifties and beyond can be exciting balanced and healthful five now..

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