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Home isn't just the place it's a feeling the feeling that you're safe to enjoy the things that matter most whether for your home or business adt helps keep you save so you can feel protected wherever you are introducing the adt security starter kit everything you need to get started with adt pulse including a camera professionally installed for only forty nine dollars visit adtcom today to learn more requires thirty six month monitoring contract insulation and activation fees apply enrollment and q s p an easy pay required certain markets excluded licences available at adtcom florida ef two zero zero zero one one two one louisiana f one six three nine mm everyone welcome in to a new addition of the woge pod my guest all nba center rudy gobert of the utah jazz rudy how are you great look could be better but a happy to be the tumor run the knee injury rudi he suffered saturday night against miami you've been through some injuries in the past is that one were you know right away i think something happened here or you wait till you get the mri or until doctors go through it already first something happen nor but a thought he could have been worst to yoenis doha's happy that uh my ligaments were fine in awe of bone bruise uh than it could be it could have been way worse especially when i looked at a veto for likud via the notary flakes of a lift him a foot up at last moment in a and i voted worst you're upset with miami's dion waiters initially without emotion to beginning are these to look back and guy i don't like the way that happened.

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