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To continue the educational experience of the rose bowl and podcast our next segment is bad as pirates you haven't heard of this babes name is an bonnie it's another female one of the most female famous female pirates of all time what are the only famous female pirates of all time she was a strong independent woman way ahead of her time an irish pirate who operated in the caribbean and bonnie and the little bit that we do know about here and her life came from captain charles johnson's general history of the robberies and murders of the most notorious pirates and for whatever reason in the title of his book charles johnson spills pirates py our ats i don't know what like a european i know anyway back to end bonnie reason that's important to note where the information comes from is because this was obviously during a time when you know not the most effort was being put forth to accurately put into history all these pirates that wasn't necessarily the english fucking historians weren't like man we gotta make sure we get all the accurate details about and bonnie that's just not the way it worked so we've got we've got in it is what it is but the reason bonnie is so cool there's a lot of gender stuff involved here and she challenged the wholesalers adage that a woman's presence on a ship invites bad luck she was one of the few successful female pirates in ones that gained fame and notoriety says she was kind of a pioneer on the female front of not just pirating but in general of women's rights in a way she was a daughter of a servant woman mary brennan and br.

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