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Radio station in New York Not Philadelphia. Proud to be New Jersey. Jay Z one of one point Jersey Giant time is nine. Await him. Steve Travel East, Whatever gets you through them. It's all right. All right. Nobody gets through to me Is 1 802 831 on 1.5. Or you could just tweet at me and take your account down. Whatever works for you. I don't care. Uhh! Again. Why would you want to talk? When you could just accuse 1 823 1 on 1.5 is the number so that's what it's for. I just You know what this is? What's wrong? You want to talk radio station? If you have something to say about what you're hearing, pick up the phone, like other people did for two hours and call me Ask me whatever Don't say more or less in your three days more or less saying there's no no, no. What did I say? I mean, I'm not cutting already slack, and I'm doing her a favor by not mention your name because It's a reporter. Look, if I apparently be looking at Twitter, it's a room boys. This is a reporter she went. I imagined you went to college to learn how to do this. But if you're going to report something when it be nice to get the fax, or is this what journalism has become, We just say more or less. More or less moral is really marvelous. See, we don't do that on this. When we do the news. I've got news for you is more or less have the news knows for headlines and traveler more or less headlines and travel eyes..

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