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And so he and he he's he walks walks through and there's this dude this big kind of rough bully and i can see him kind of pushing his way through the crowd and he catches a site of chris and you just can't believe info disease and create k camp is frustrated it's frustrating and i was so funny because he looks because he's trying to catch eyes with chris chris completely could give a fog and he goes like this he looks at grozny 'cause he has push chris doesn't earnings whatever man chryst does not right he's says so appalled by his bucking tagged out i look because they go that guy wanna fight you and chris because it doesn't matter does it because he can punish me in the face and i would never fight him i what would make you five like if you were with a girl and he is now now i go so what when he goes maybe somebody in a push my mom i would like say don't he's not the not bad is a great can mean we we actually we were walking him and these really big strong looking young due to stop their truck this big we don't want muscle trucks trucks there's a lot of trucks option have bull balls they they always have balls hanging out there is a lot of lifted truck that's right this is a lifted truck with just you can see it's palsy yet bull balls hanging from the low yet right with a tailpipe man central and just these fucking rough to stop and go oh something's going to happen here honor of these guys have next like fire hydrants the chris chris they get out chris like up out and i'm looking at the you know me i taken ottis jesus christ they're fucking big strong guys.

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