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To silver diner dot com Silver Diner Muchmore than a diner. Dave Tilden. W T o P TRAFFIC Amelia Draper. It's hot out there. But where there has been rain attempts have been beaten back a little. Attempts are little bit rain. Cool it exactly Hilary. We're tracking some strong, even severe thunderstorms. Like for instance, Winchester and Lorraine, now down to Heat index of the 87 but still a triple digit heat index, here in Washington, Manassas, Quantico, Fredericksburg. Feeling almost 100 intended reason Fredericksburg and 103 in Washington. In addition to that, I'm tracking system strong to severe thunderstorms, mainly west of Washington, especially back around the I. D. One corridor still west of I 81. A broken line of storms stretching from Hagerstown, down to just west of Winchester and then back around the Petersburg area is slowly advancing after toward the East. Also, I have another area of extremely heavy rain with a lot of lightning. Producing a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5 30 for portions of Madison Green orange wrap the panic and Culpepper counties. This storm is moving Easter 20 miles over the biggest concern wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. We have a few showers into portions of Montgomery County, along to 70 out there Nothing too serious, though in the metro area, But again those strong thunderstorms. Background. The idea. One corridor are slowly moving into the metro area, and they'll likely be arriving after 67 PM tonight and we'll drawing out by about midnight with lows in the seventies. Dangerously hot tomorrow. A heat advisory is possible area wide with highs in the mid to upper nineties and he didn't disease anywhere from 102 to 107 degrees. With partly sunny skies, late day showers and thunderstorms Tomorrow. Storms tomorrow once again could be strong to severe heavy rainfall, gusty, damaging winds. In fact, the severe potential tomorrow is a little bit higher than today. So you do want to remain whether ready A chance for Lady thunderstorms Thursday and Friday. As the heat and humidity slowly start to retreat Load a mid nineties on Thursday. We warm to around 90 on Friday. Currently we're coming in at 96 in the district, 93 degrees in Leesburg and 91 deal Thanks so much. Amelia. It's 5 22 We have breaking news from President Trump, who's holding his first Corona virus news briefing in quite a while. First of all, he admits.

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