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Let me just yet nine the enough yeah you know gagne coming in on a list so a view of offense now the go to dunks long team ago the rest a risk you don't go a little pillows even if it's too he's a well shin soo as yet but unfortunately we caught let him all the leader of the moment because he gives runs after the rabbit humans miles but donald asian often teddy if he didn't go anywhere because he just wants to eat the each everything that's a salute lay it if you put to take anything away east naulls yeah or does it which we got moment but i stepped on the ice of the when this food concessions twelve a little topping the knows bosh outta it and it by jimmy malone which it like noah to speak to steal a joke sucks it is an affinity to speak to him but also accident on blind and that's not easy sees fourteen nice tries the struggle the moment cleveland build it and then with the night with a win when a de the niceties is coming down the suffered coast this weekend woman on albert he's coming with the some of the walk along the beach lovely fishing chips on their is the best is enough in bested which is good but all week and then you go the public store have fiction when it we're done it lou that you know when it comes fresh off the q a lesson yeah i know i know you get your fish everywhere all around the country but when it to the seaside on aga is different summoning as well yeah we have to break five to ten when i listened.

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