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Peel in place away. Salon pass, it's good medicine. 1238 in time for traffic and weather on the 8s Jack Taylor and the traffic center. All right, we've been watching our crews go south in Maryland on the bottom of Washington Parkway doing some work running from basically one 97 through green belt all the way down to New York avenue working along the left side of the roadway. Now we've got a delay in green belt going north headed toward powder mill, weighs users have it as a crash. It was unclear maybe a far southbound work crew turned to go back north, unfortunately, so just be careful. We've got a slower traffic pattern going northbound back toward powder mill. Our close your remains up in Montgomery village of goshen road. Last night, we'd have the small aircraft crash the investigation ongoing, blocking goshen road between rothbury driving bramble bush drive. There had been reports of some fire department activity out of buoy, one 97 between old Annapolis road and four 50, the working upper Marlboro was north found on route four. Last turned out near Marlborough pike block in a single left lane. Without delay, 50 west out of the bay bridge, we've got some work today taking the right lane, two lanes east, two lanes west. It is not causing any kind of a slowdown. Beltway looks good through Montgomery and prince George's counties, two 70, no troubles between Bethesda and Frederick north and south. Heavy traffic on the outer loop, leaving Maryland, across the legion bridge, the work sound both loops down near Georgetown pike, taking away the far left lane, slower traffic though on the inner loop trying to get back into Tyson's. On a one 23 southbound near Horner wrote in woodbridge a reported crash, a little bit of heavy traffic as you go north on the George, Washington Parkway, headed toward the beltway. There have been reworks on up near turkey run, and there may be a crash out of Sterling, crews were headed out on route 7, looking near Augusta drive. Be next in Montgomery county, Maryland. They have top talent, a thriving business community, competitive incentives, and more. All next door to D.C. visit B next dot think moko dot com to see how they can help you be next. Jack, take their WTO P traffic. Let's get your forecast with chuck bell. We're getting ready to wrap up the month of November and it has indeed been one of the warmer Novembers. Currently we're in tenth

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