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The statement the person's suspended or fired and why we still mess around with john conyers he's got from it it out widely the the answer is because it all about work for people and we have bosses and they can firas uh if you're a member of congress and i'm not saying that he shouldn't quit uh you know if any of this stuff is true when they're certainly seen as reason to believe it you would hope he would quit uh but it does nobody that can make him quit i mean they could be formally expelled but that's going to take a while and i suspect the congress is in no mood to do it but they don't have a boss the way we do try to do what you know somebody can say to us uh don't come in tomorrow that nobody can say that i mean even the speaker of the house than nancy pelosi certainly has handled this terribly uh you know we're appearance on meet the press this weekend uh but but even if she wanted to force them out she couldn't uh by the way have you figure out how you were hanoi this weekend on your show i mean how much of your show is this lead if if you down show today's your lead now white isn't it will we've we've gone very happy with it and last week it was our lead uh with carly fiorina made you know it's not like uh th this is the first did swing it there's an we've been talking about her several weeks and last week you know if it up remember it was just last week that this happened to charlie rose so we led with it last week and had carly fiorina i i am delighted to say that this week not to say we won't talk about it i'm sure we will we're going to be at the reagan library in the sea need valley california i i am very excited about this there having something called the now shuttle defense forum and i think it's going to be an annual event where they got some of the top foreign policy thinkers including top foreign policy officials uh from from the trump administration are going to be there i'm going to have an exclusive interview on sunday with the national security adviser general mcmaster i'm going to have an interview in this really excites me as somebody who covered ronald reagan for six years.

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