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150, Rhode Island National Guard troops, They returned from a 10 month deployment right in time to celebrate Thanksgiving back home more than 150, men and woman from the 115th military police company. Landed a T F Green Airport Thursday and we're reunited with loved ones at the community College, Rhode Island, 115th was deployed in Southwest Asia and traveled to nine different countries. The assassination of Iran's top nuclear scientists, creating a new challenge for President elect Biden's hopes of negotiating a re entry into the Iran nuclear deal. President Trump just pulled the US out of the pact. ABC is James Longman reports. Iran is already vowing revenge, and this puts President elect Biden in an awkward position. Because the Middle East is already in a tense situation. This pushes the situation there further to the edge just before he takes office. Iran is blaming Israel for the assassination. No comment yet from either Israel or the Pentagon. Before the covert pandemic Feeding America estimated 37 million Americans were food and secure. But as a B C's Andy field reports, that number is now closer to it least 50 million in cities across America, cars, lined football stadiums, schools and warehouses to collect food boxes. We've seen demand on average across the 200 feeding America, food banks sit pretty steadily at about it a 60% increase. And need feeding. American executive vice president and chief operating officer Katie Fitzgerald says she expects the need to grow over the winter months is Americans.

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