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I hope that's okay static right now sock about tank Abbott. He makes the news here because allegedly he had meetings with you guys before he wound up showing up WCW, and one of the things that makes its way into the newsletters is that tells you guys in your meeting in Connecticut. He'd be a bigger star. Steve Austin, chat me up. What do you remember about talking to Tang cabinet? Well, it was an adventure. He's he was a very charismatic guy. I mean he had a lot of charisma. There's no doubt about that. He's one of those car wreck type people that you can't take your eyes off. Of course, you don't know how he's going to what is going to do next in the scenario, we were all a lot of us. There Bruce was myself there. Maybe a few others were that were becoming m eighth bans civically you, you USC fans. And, you know, he's about brawler. He kind of reminded me of dick, the bruiser kind of character. Way back in the day, a or not, he's not a whole by ho wrestler. That's why when dick, the bruiser tinning over Snyder, that sets a combination because we'll was silky smooth like Nick Bach winkle and the and the bruiser was brawler. So that's kind of that's kind of the, the thing there. He he had a reputation. We felt like he wanted way too much money and we kind of chuckled at where we're glad the guy's got confidence in his ability with right? No way in hell, he's going to be the next on coast eve, Austin lease in our view. And so we didn't explore that opportunity much farther. One of the opportunities you guys were looking for is the turn. Billy Gunn into a singles heel wrestler. And of course, you're going to try that in June. He's going to win the king of the ring. But Wade Keller would report that there are some who believe the new age outlaws as the team are more valuable than the some of the parts and it's inevitable that they want back up together after you've had a guy like Billy Gunn, who had these on success with smoking guidance. And then tried the rockabilly gimmick in the singles thing it's just miss..

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