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Dixie like piggies. Do you have any thoughts on Jon Benet Ramsey case. Now there's anything that sticks out to you all all right and and I've been I was on to is in in September. Sixteen every news outlet and talk show outlet in the country. Did a special on it. The Dr Phil Show they got John Ramsey. And Burke Ramsey who is nine years old at the time of the prime her brother other at the time of the show is nineteen and they asked me they called me and they said we're just feeling out and they said where. Do you stand on the Jon. Benet Ramsey case I said Oh that's easy that's the case and the DNA points to an unknown male and No one in the family or in the family sphere of family of friends and whatnot. has tested positive for that and I said it. It's really means. A Stranger Ranger came in the house and killed her in the basement and got away with it and they said we want you on the show and There were some other shows shows. A one of them resulted. CBS Did a show and basically they had a couple retired. FBI profiler one of them said Patsy wrote the note and the other ones said. I said I along with a A famous forensic pathologist whose name escapes me but basically they painted the picture To fit their theory rather than following the evidence there evidence she had unknown own male. DNA in her and on her she was. She was tortured. Her hands were tied with UH OF COMPLEX NOT. That's an adult crime committed. That's an adult sex crime committed by a post pugh doesn't meal on what we know is a six year old girl that's what it is and They actually the the show that gotten so much trouble with. CBS and ended up in a seven hundred and fifty million dollar lawsuits for anybody that said John and Patsy Ramsey were involved vault in the murder of their daughter in any way or that did it and this one show they said Burke did it. PATSY covered it up and everybody ended up on on on the lawsuit and they had to settle out of court. Because you can't go around you know unless you say it is my opinion Blah Blah Ah Blah but all the experts that looked at that note no one and I mean super experts. No one was able to say it was identical to Pazzi. He Patsy San writing in like five out of six things that you look for. Nobody can say that but this retired. FBI agent felt comfortable. People saying it and he ended up in a lawsuit in a field. That subjective anyway I mean yes. It's yes yeah you can always right and you can always find one hired gun you know. I always tell people you find somebody to say anything if it's a field. A forensics that has any amount of subjectivity. To it you can find a higher Aghanistan GonNa say whatever you want dangerous business. I didn't know about that lawsuit. So yes you can't bring in an expert about six months ago. Seven hundred and fifty million dollars it was against. CBS was against production company. It was against everybody that participated that said or implied. That John Ramseyer BURP. Did it or patsy covered up and the thing about it is I've known about that lawsuit for ten. I've known that ten years or maybe fifteen years that the ramseys and even patsy before she died the Ramsey sue. Anybody that said they had anything anything to do with their daughter's murder and one and one COP is judgment. A COP that wrote a book. How patsy Ramsey killed her daughter I think it was successfully sued for seventy five million dollars? I mean you can't go around. Doing that with a lot of people are surprised to hear what I just you said that it's a DNA kate of unknown DNA. That means someone got in that Charles got. That girl brought her down to the basement. And the way does she was killed is indicative of a post Pugh bessant a person. It was an adult sex claim. ona-led little girl. That's the scariest this monsters. The king comes thing of horror. Movies comes into your own house in. Does that to your child. That's the worst almost a guy in this room. That's cringing right now. Because because he is posted opinion a couple of times on on. Who's done in that case they're talking about shows with credibility not So we have also said it was a data. Yes the and you know what. That's not nearly as publicized as all these other theories of keeping you know suspects in house because there's less drama associated with the right it's not as good. TV The DNA. Okay was available Lynn there was the grand jury and and Alex Hunter of the the state's attorney at the time made the decision the jury wanted pins wanted to move forward with charges against the RAMSEYS and L. Center said no because he knew about the DNA. The Boulder police as department was much happier of clinging to their belief that the ramseys did it. Then looking at truth which is No they didn't not only that look at Burke. At Burke at the time was nine years old he was in pre pugh bessant and this was an advanced sex crime right now disassembled. Show your it happens all the time police make the mind up and HR so much time. China make evidence fit their theory. They lose awesome. It's time really should be confirmation bias you you you try to somebody so for doing that. And it's like okay Do do you ever confusing on your behalf. Like trying to get back to the active shooters real quick but like running in with other agencies. He's like overlapping on investigations. Like that or were you like exclusive enough and what you did. It didn't matter you were kind of beyond that it didn't matter and One of the things I learned early in my career working with local cops like Chicago. PD in San Francisco PD is really early on in in in working case I would say hey How do you know how nice to meet you Blah Blah Blah? I used to be a nurse at northwestern and that broke the ice when the new that I was more than an FBI agent and cops love nurses. Hey it's back Dating I never had the problem. Yeah okay so the active shooters. They're trying to get inside the minds and make get a thorough more thorough understanding of why it's happening and what triggers these individuals is. There is there hope like his seems i. I mean it's almost an epidemic now like its its talked about domestic terrorism. I mean it's not one person doing acts over and over that we don't know of. It's always one individual adjoining get caught or killed. But it's almost like like you have this Colt of connected people. They're not but you know we have these random acts all all the time and people are just scared to death. Should be like we're gonNA make any progress. It's so how well it's you know one of the things when we've learned and by studying them is that in most cases in whether whether it's a high school teen or or it's The guy that shot up the Las Vegas Music than you wrote. In most cases there is something thing that is called leakage on the part. It's a behavior on the part of the shooter. Okay and what that is they tell someone in or they drop a clue that they're going to do it and it's ignored and so one of things. I mean it. We we are educating the public for the El Paso Walmart shooter. The mother of the thunder actually called the police and said my son is is amassing weapons and saying things that make me uncomfortable. I want you to come over and take these away. He's too immature to to do stuff like this And it didn't work it. The big problem is it putty lawfully go. Just take the guns from me. You know if we're GonNa let teenagers have and in most states you can have a gun done before you can have a beer your kid in Texas you have a shotgun like you wanted a early age of a rifle all all these things. Yeah Yeah Yeah so anyway. It's it's the problem what I tell people when I told my son growing up. He's forty forty four now. And what what I tell young people that I run run into. If we're getting room conversation is don't mess with people when you're out in about going going about your business maybe going shopping. Maybe playing soccer at school. Whatever you're doing You're you're writing a bus crowded bus. Don't mess with people so you don't know who you're dealing with even today like I used to. I would have a little bit of a temper. Somebody like you know. We're trying to live a parking spot. The dispute or whatever and they yell something back mom. It's not worth jumping out an assault rifle. Lighten up my car right now. So yeah you can have it. A friend of mine had three teenage daughters. This is back when I was an active. FBI agent and one of her daughter was real. Sassy and cocky and and and you know for teenage girls can be and she hate candy. this guy down at I just flipped them off. I took her by the hand. I sat down down. I said Okay when you talk You may you're okay now. You got away with it this time you may have slipped off a serial killer Dr who will follow you home and kill you when he gets the opportunity and that did happen not to her but There is a Critique crime writer last name Olsen Not Glenn Olsen but I think it's jackals and wrote a a story or wrote an account of a serial Serial killer about ten fifteen years ago. The book actually made me sick parts of it were and he was a long haul trucker CONAN cross country killing people And he actually had family Mary now a family which by the way. It's an uncommon with serial killers. And Anyway Wonder One day. He drove into the parking lot of the grocery store and a car in front of him or or when around him the spot I and flipped him off. She was flipping off a serial killer. He waited he did. He looked at hurry. Smiled right. Then he was making plans. thatt's flip offers offers killer killer That would be my luck man waves that what was that. I ended up getting resolved in Illinois. Get caught in Illinois. I'm not sure I don't think they tend to blend Before I let you go and I appreciate you spending this time. I realize we went over. I think what we were expected to do. And I can't thank you enough for Kolonics fascinated by it and we. Would you have one case that you're most proud of or they like you remember like man. You know what this is. This made everything that I've gone through this point worth it on my came in on Saturday morning and in the East Bay of California -Fornia Oakland. We had word that the night before a convicted child molester had kidnapped a kid and he had the kid with them and he bought tickets For the nine. Am Bus to San Diego. And so we were all there saturating place he never showed and supervisor said let's go over the Amtrak station we go over there Amtrak station Saturday morning People all over the place..

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