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Tiffany, we're going to we're going to go back and listen to some more judge Janine in in a minute. But I I would like to take couple of calls, and then we'll finish up listening to some more of these gooney birds. And keep asking ourselves. The question. What if one of these candidates in quotes wins? Now, it may not be as frightening to you is it is to me. But I've done a lot of thought listen to a lot of them and. Well. Some of it scares me a little bit. Here's Kenan Livonia on the patriot. Hi, ken. Go ahead. Well, John, I know I've touched on this before. But. It seems like I have to touch on it again. And that is I have no concern if the Democrats win the White House, if the Democrats control Washington because as I said before since I do believe that what the bible says is true that Jesus is in control the world. Not the Democrats not Republicans. His plans aren't going to be changed by who's in power. There are a lot in stone. And we've got to get off this this roller coaster of to concern ourselves with what is happening in the world. John. I think you know, what I'm talking about here that one thing that bible says very clearly the war on earth is one by the devil and his followers. But the final battle judgment day is already been won by God. And we should sweat the small stuff. We shouldn't be concerned about who is in power because ultimately God is in control, not the Democrats. Not republicans. Okay. Can you manage to get your your case out there? And it's not your case. And and I appreciate your putting your your thoughts in. And I do have a little bit different twist on it. I think it's a little different twist on it. Anyway in that while the. The decisions have been made. We don't know when and that's something that that will never know we will know of intially, but we're not going to know. We're not gonna know before we're supposed to know. So the way we live in the way, we are the way we cope and deal with the hand that we're going to be dealt the finally and that we're going to be dealt is not coming anytime soon. We think it could be coming tomorrow. We think it could be coming in ten minutes. Ten seconds. We don't know. But I would like to be totally prepared. And we can't be totally prepared unless we're totally aware as you know. And but I do appreciate your call. And I do appreciate your presence on the program. You do supply a grounding to it that. I appreciate very much and have yourself a great night. Here's let's see Jim Clinton township. Jim welcome to the program. Go ahead. Good evening. John voices. I mean, a lot stronger, I'm a recently confirmed Catholic, and I couldn't gradually, Jim. I couldn't disagree with that. Last call we have free will. And that's what God in Jesus gave to us. Now having said that I believe it's going to win. But if something doesn't if he doesn't win I believe it's going to be Bernie in preachy Kamala Harris, so the west just for logistical reasons. Our country would be destroyed Obama did took a big chunk out of it. They will finish it. So I do my rosary. And I prayed it frump will be reelected, but your other listeners out they're not they're going to be just as fried this. You are I can assure you that, and we we have to do whatever we can to out just great state into the country to make sure he does get re elected and that. Ohman caller before we have free will. And that's that gave is he's not in control. We are. And when the judgment day comes well that would be a different story. But right now, we have to take care of business. And that is getting Donald J Trump reelected. Thank you for your call, Jim. And thank you, for your opinion as usual. And we wanna we wanna thank you folks, who call with your your very. Let's call them meaningful. Opinions a lot of thought that goes into these callers, and I think that you can can get that you can understand that. And and I do appreciate them as I'm sure other listeners do eight hundred nine to three ninety three eighty five that's eight hundred nine to three WD t k now judge Janine is continuing to carry out her description of how the Democrats have turned into an angry unreasonable mob. I happen to watch her deliver. This was very interesting to watch her because she's still reeling from the penalties that she got. And we could talk about that. We'll do that on my Friday. She's reeling from those and I don't think she expected them, but they were very real. And let's go to cut be. Yeah. Cut be a. Now, let's do that Tiffany. And we'll discuss it in the minute. They hate Trump, and they'll do anything, including subjugating the constitution in our system of Justice to destroy the man their desperation to hang onto a narrative. So torn up worn out in this droid. It isn't even entertaining anymore. It's not even worth talking about anymore undone with it. But what is worth talking about is how the tables will turn sources tell me. There's an investigation into how this counterintelligence investigation into Trump began. It's time to investigate the beginning of this too. And who in the DOJ FBI and White House signed on to prevent an overturned. The will of the American people grab your popcorn, folks. It's showtime. It's Showtime multiple criminal leak investigations are underway. The FIS of warrants being reviewed the beginning of the actual investigation of Peter Struck tried so hard to cover up and the inspector general's report expected to be damning to call me FBI. Lynch's DOJ will be out in weeks. And then it's real show time for Bama, Brandon. Clapper. Lynch rice struck the cave rose and the whole cardinal call. Emme crime family devoted to obstruction. That struck me not only the will of the American people. But obstructing the very foundation of Justice in this great nation, and of course, tomorrow night. Never mind. No, I'm going to say it anyway, let let's wait for Justice Janine to call her and tell us what she really thinks. Never one of the loss for words. Eight hundred nine to three ninety three eighty five that's eight hundred nine to three WD t k if you're just joining us, we're discussing the the rather disturbing thoughts surrounding the fact that out of this whole garbage pile of Kook balls that we have out there. Somebody's gonna win. And let's move to bike in Saint Clair shores here on the patriot. I might go ahead. Hi, jen. Hope you're well, I have three quick points. And I'd like to comment. I son is I think Joe Biden has the best chance. Let's hope it doesn't happen. But I'll tell you what happened because the left is all they want is power. If Joe Biden wins he's talked about Stacey Abrams as VP Joe Biden will be dead after he's elected and they'll get their far left winger in Stacey Abrams. Second point. I'm still upset with you a little bit giant about the midterms. Because I think I'm not saying you did it, but you help complacency 'cause you kept saying there's no way. The Dem's can win. And and I think that Republican voters in Michigan got very complacent. We gotta get out there and vote folks third point. I think the Dem's have taken up the Matra or quote from George Costanza when he said, Jerry, it's not a lie. If you believe that thank you, John. Thank you very much for your call. Appreciate it, Mike, and I'll take exception to a couple of things that you said, but I'm not going to do it tonight because I'm into good mood. And again, I do appreciate your call eight hundred nine to three ninety three eighty five that's eight hundred nine to three WD TK more of your calls and more of the. Some of the ideas of the looney left that got me a little bit worked up. L more than a little in some cases here on the McCullough show on FM one zero one point five and AM fourteen hundred the patriot..

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