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Good afternoon and thank you for listening to listeners supported 90.3 K. See you in traffic. CHP reports a collision. Airport Boulevard and Green Valley Road, another at 101 and Highway 1, 56 and the Hollister Gilroy area hazard at one of one South that Blossom Hill Road. Highway 1 56 West at one on one South. We have a collision there another at Highway one South SoCal and at 101 south at Veranda Road in Selena's Slowdowns in all those areas be careful. Dubrovnik, Croatia is believed by historians to have instituted the world's first formal system of quarantine in the 14th century. During the black death. That story ahead on all things considered. Support for NPR comes from this station and from duck duck go a privacy company committed to making privacy online simple used by tens of millions. They offer private search and tracker blocking, with one download. Duck duck. Go privacy, simplified. And from C three A. I. C three AI software enables organizations to use artificial intelligence at enterprise scale solving previously unsolvable problems. C three AI This is Enterprise Ai..

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