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The last time corey was on the show on episode two hundred eighty four last september. She told us all about how getting to go to the olympics. In athens in two thousand four changed her entire life at the time her dad was working security with the fbi for the games so korean her family got to tag along. How cool is that being. There she shared changed the entire trajectory of her life. From then on corey had a dream to return to the games one day not as her dad's sidekick but as a competing athlete and spoiler. She made it happen in. June corey competed at the u. s. olympic track and field trials where she earned her spot on team. Usa in the fifteen hundred meters. It was so exciting. Watching cre- advanced through each round of the fifteen hundred at the trials. And i was just so thrilled to see her. Make the team then in tokyo. It seemed no one was having a better time than corey mcgee. Her instagram stories took us all on eight delightful journey through the athlete village into the olympic stadium and ultimately to the closing ceremonies as for the races. Corey isn't just an olympian. She is an olympic. Fifteen hundred meter finalist korea made it through the preliminary round and into the semifinals. Where things got a little traumatic corey was tripped up and she fell during the race which was heartbreaking to see but she was able to petition her way into the final since it was concluded that the fall was not her fault and she was onto the finals on this episode. Corey talks through every detail of those three races in tokyo. She talks about life in the olympic village and getting to explore the games alongside per team. Boss teammates emma coburn aisha prot lear and dominic scott plus corey talks about how coach. Joe bosshard has helped her so much over the past few years. She talks about returning to mississippi and helping host a cove in nineteen vaccination. Dr love that and she talks about the aftermath of that semi final ball which included some bone bruising and for.

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