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A two thousand eighteen national survey of school bus drivers found that on a single day nearly eighty four thousand vehicles past or. Buses illegally. Just today in Liikanen Mississippi another child struck and injured while getting on the bus David school officials announced they will be moving that bus stop instead of stopping on this busy road. It will now wind its way through the side streets of this neighborhood. David Alex Perez with us again tonight. Alex, thank you. And we're learning more about who. Thorns believe killed notorious crime boss Whitey Bulger behind bars, and how it was done. He was serving life in prison after sixteen years on the run and had just been transferred to new prison tonight. The fellow inmate who allegedly used a padlock inside a sauk ABC's GIO Benitez from Boston. Now tonight that key question did notorious Boston mobster Whitey Bolger get wacked behind bars just twenty four hours after being transferred to a new prison in West Virginia. He was found severely beaten. According to the New York Times officials telling the times he was attacked with a padlock stuffed inside a sock on responding to the maximum security. They advised CPR in progress. One of the key suspects in the killing mob. Hitman, Freddie, Jesus who is serving a life sentence at that West Virginia prison for the murder of another member of a crime family, a former prosecutor telling the Boston Globe. Freddie hated rats. Bolger was known as a so called snitch believed to have been an FBI informant who provided information about his rivals. He was also responsible for at least eleven murders. Spending sixteen years on the run with his girlfriend until their capture and twenty eleven in Santa Monica Bolger's attorney now pointing the finger at the Federal Bureau of prisons saying they turned a life sentence into a death sentence one of the victims of Bulger's gang. Deborah Davis killed when she was just twenty six her brother Stevens speaking with us tonight. Do you feel at peace now with his death very much? So he's blind in the Derg where we put a lot of people. Aren't you need is with us live tonight from Boston GIO as reported there? He was transferred to that new prison less than twenty four hours before the murder doing. No, why was transferred?.

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