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Out how you can live your passion. Career as an automotive tak. Brad Barton in the W B A P Weather Center to see a little bit of light rain right now, from Arlington Grand Prairie. Across Highway 3 69 30 up to about Dallas Love Field, little bit of rain, also just north of the high five up into Richardson and Plano. Heaviest rains currently are to our southeast. However, I think we'll see a few more little outbreaks of showers today with a high of only 56 kind of a cool Rainy day winds out of the northeast 10 to 20 lows tonight around 40, then will be a cloudy and coop with a chance of Why does he have showers tomorrow High of 53. We should dry out a little bit on Thursday with a high of 69 on Friday, 63, But we are expecting Maura and heavier storms. It looks like on Sunday right now at W b a P. 53 degrees. Ryan. I couldn't believe it. Protests more heartbroken. Anything else complete mad? Everyone wants their voice to be heard. We're going to get people together. We're going to make good things happen. You talking 20. W g a p w b a p dot com. Worried about storm or pest damage to your valuable trees as your lawn seen better days. The experts and preservation tree services provide skilled tree pruning soil, aeration and fertilization programs to rejuvenate damaged or stress trees and lawns, Trees and lan suffering from compact it. Soil, storm damage or pests and diseases benefit from their customized treatments. Call them today and Fort Worth at 8175814. I bow to our in Dallas had 2145 to 8 to 266 and visit them online at preservation tree dot com. Hey, this Brian, estranged from my friends with good feet store, the number one arch support store in America specializing in You Got it arch supports. Hey, why do people take care of their vision or they're hearing or get their teeth taken care of, but don't invest in their feet. We all need better balance supporting.

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