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Over to WTOP Lauren Ricketts, Lauren are we going to continue with these chants or at least just going to see severe weather throughout most of the evening yeah well I think we're gonna see it throughout most of the evening in fact I really don't see an end to at least the threat for severe weather until the early overnight hours and then things will start to calm down we're seeing clusters of thunderstorms right now oh if you're on 270 I feel bad anywhere from Rockville up to Clarksburg and even past that beyond towards Urbana because we're seeing pretty heavy rain damaging winds as Dave said lots of lightning of in that area and of course stretching all the way up through Damascus, Frederick County, Montgomery County of course we have a thunderstorm for you guys in that area wouldn't be surprised we could see some flooding in places in that region we are definitely seeing some flooding down towards Rappahannock County in southern Rappahannock County so be mindful of that if you're in that area especially towards Warrington and Fauquier County and others for your thunderstorm warning for you guys at through least another 30 minutes and then out towards the Shenandoah Valley I -81 anywhere from Woodstock to Winchester we have some severe thunderstorm warnings and again these will push out but not for several hours again we're going to keep this chance to the early overnight maybe some fog overnight we dip into the mid 70s it is steamy overnight and we've got another day of possible heat advisory heat warnings of course temperatures are going to be in the mid to upper 90s going to feel about 105 tomorrow we do scattered showers and storms once again throughout the day tomorrow specifically in the afternoon evening but we have a cold front passing tomorrow night that'll drop humidity for Sunday Sunday's going to be great temperatures are in the 80s lots of sunshine and again dropping humidity Monday Tuesday beautiful as well with low humidity and temperatures in the low to mid 80s temperatures out there right now we're still sitting at 93 in Washington if you're getting a little rain rain we're going to cool but again the humidity is not going to go anywhere we're still at 97 in Frederick County Marilyn, I expect that to come down with the next update and 87 right now in Leesburg. okay thank you Lauren it is time

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