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Give the Bruins many opportunity lately game. How about the stores tread ba- ruby takes over. November is he still officially the interim coach? Yes. Still on the board on the paper here. Young still the interim goal bidding tin was the fourth string goalie coming to camp and get a job numerically. Ryan O'Reilly was in buffalo a season ago for ten plane buffalo, give it away pretty much. And rial Riley really is the store Barry's the first player to ever score a goal in the Stanley Cup finals game four five six and seven this series magnificient the guys known as a defensive forward, he certainly was both defensively and offense gifted what a leader is. And I will say this on the way out Barry, the Bruins best weapon power play. They didn't have any opportunities to hell one in Saint Louis used ahead. They didn't take any bad penalties and the referees. Let the guys play complaining about the referee. I was well rough game and they didn't. Get that power play do job. So we get some new blood new championship blood all blood, as the Saint Louis blues where their first ever Stanley Cup champions. They're going to enjoy this, overlay of go. Crazy Saint Louis. Go crazy. Great reference by Steve Levy. There was Jack dropped that line in the nineteen ninety-five LCS after is e Smith's game five game winner. They lose votes went crazy in nineteen ninety-five going crazy. In two thousand nineteen having won the Stanley Cup lose becoming the fifteen to win three road games at a best of seven Stanley Cup final the first since the devils against the stars in two thousand blue shutting out the home team. Bruins for nearly one hundred twenty four minutes of game seven coach Craig berbie you know, the first period I felt were good. We've got that penalty, and they had some real good opportunities. But that are been our stood tall. They had the momentum after that, though. But then we get that goal by petrol. I think that changed things. I think we had a lot more coffins coming on the second period. I thought our second period is pretty good. And we, you know, we had some good opportunities in the second period. We didn't score, but I really liked you know, with all we got better and he'd been in third just from checking standpoint more than anything just not giving them anything, you know, keeping it on the outside and better had to make a couple of big saves a third. But thought we did a real good job with checking third. What is this team? The team. Yeah. Yeah. We put her put the team, I and that, you know, that was a message for quite some time. And they've, they've done a real good job without the players they believe in it, and, you know, we're champs, but I think just once they got that message and they start a plan, you know, mid December. We started to really pull it together, and obviously Bennington coming in and solidifying gold. The goalie position, we're pretty good hockey team blues becoming the first team to go at least six games and all four postseason series and win the Stanley Cup the team had flown there. Superfan eleven year old Layla Anderson to Boston. So she could watch game seven she has a life threatening immune disease. But she was on hand for the big night..

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