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One time per episode basically one one mentioned they bring it all together from the different movies and stuff and bridges continuity. And it's great. That's what's fun about it so good no. Yeah so. We're going to discover where monaco rambo is kind of fitting in and clearly from the last episode. We just saw that. She was a part of one division but like something was up. You know what i mean. And now we're starting to see who she actually is person. She's looking for her mom. She now has lost her mom. Her mom is passed it. I should clarify the we. We thought her we knew her. As geraldine guess previous episodes so now we're actually learning who this real individual was like. We learned that someone got kicked out of whatever is holding people in west view the town but but yeah so we find out that it's monica rambo. Anyway want to bring that up. Yeah no it's a great like tie-in it's just making us remember like how much we like the marvel universe and how smart they are within. That's the thing it's like. I know it's probably not perfect to people. I mean to some people. But i just think that the connections they put between different movies and how they just interconnect in that little way like they're just so smart with it. They clearly take a lot of time into figuring out how this can work. If they're gonna do it. How is it gonna work. How can it tie into the others. That's the the genius behind it. It doesn't feel like it. Something isn't like bridge together in making things work it. Just i don't make sense. No no no. I i was i was gonna to. Yeah well no so. We're basically going to start getting into her story and how she's a part of swore. Did you write down with ward. Has sword ward sword wrong so yes sword. So that's kind of like shield sword. Is the sentient weapon. Observation response division which was founded by maria by her mom. Yeah no no no. We didn't bring it up So no that's basically. Because i was wondering where we needed to know who were the people on the outside of the.

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