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I'm Rich Dennison, and this is Fox News. This's Fox on Justice. Mark and Patricia McCloskey break the law when they pointed guns at protesters outside their ST Louis home. Mark McCloskey had an A r 15 when I saw that mob come through the gate with a rage in there, and there Anger. I thought that we would be overrun in the second, he told Fox's Tucker Carlson. He supports the Black lives matter movement, but he felt threatened, they would surmount the wall come into the house. Kill us Burn the house down. The ST Louis prosecutor says she's looking into charging the McCloskey's with a crime. But at least one legal expert says, if anyone broke the law, it was the protesters, ST Louis University law professor Anders Walker says even though the demonstrators were peaceful, they were trespassing in the McCloskey's private gated community they were looking for. The mayor is home to protest there. Walker says. In Missouri, the castle doctrine applies that means you have the right to defend your private property. With Fox on Justice, Hank find Liam Fox News. Welcome to First Amendment Friday on the large Larson show today, Laura's puts you in the driver's seat You talk about what you want to talk about. Government is the problem. No topic is off limits. We will make America great again. 866 A. Lars, That's 866 A Lars To speak your mind. No. First Amendment Friday with Lars Larson. Welcome back to Lars Larson. Joe. It's a pleasure to be with you all. Get back to your calls Later. I'm talking to Kimberley Strassel, uh, about her new book Resistance at all costs. How the Trump haters are breaking.

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