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Be on campus later today with the dannettes and <hes> we look back on forty years of memories from sports center. I think mike mike tariq o._b. There bob lee chris berman not sure robin roberts is going to be there. Suzy kolber and <hes> should be fun. It'd be nice but he plays nice right. You just going to hang out and have a couple of drinks. No not going to do that but i'll <hes> i'll do the meet and greet after i'll do that for you and you'll do the drinks. Go ahead yeah so on get back. Do you think the old sportscenter set is around. Did they keep that there was one that they they gave to uh-huh museum a museum yeah yeah like a broadcast of museum like why wouldn't you give it to me and put it in the man cave. Yeah i mean you built the place did did let it literally built the built that side. I did checking also a very happy birthday to michael sugar. It's not as birthday he just said. Would you wish me happy birthday and i said all right so michael sugar yeah. Is that the kid we just had in on that boga. No that's booger not michael suga yeah but you would pronounce it. Suga like you would pronounce book. It's actually shoe guy yeah fritzy with his pronunciation for the the kid who won fortnight no. It's bouba like in scary boo. I said are you sure i thought it was big. At that moment. I was pretty sure about that. You know how many following following how many people follow him. I think one point two million on instagram like one point two million yeah and it's funny because now thinking about like pain so now you're famous now hi. You got all this money like <hes> no actually been yeah. I've been fan been people saying that fritzy get sunde everyday on this program accurate after derrick rose..

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