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To prove witness tampering because you have because of the intent that you have to show corruption the anything that's obstruction Justice is hard. But it's the president of the United States who himself has said essentially on the prosecutor and chief. I am also going to nominate people to be attorney general who believes that my power is so plenary that I direct criminal prosecution. So we have the legal standard. But we also have the politics, and the what I would consider something that comes up to the line of abuse of power that has to be taken into account by congress. If Michael Cohen has lied previously to congressional committees a committee, why tell the truth now, look there's nothing uncommon. Unfortunately about people who have done wrong figuring out, but it serves them better to do. Right. So you may lie in the first instance, and then figure out oh that is not a good idea. I will be better off. If I start telling the truth. That's essentially what Michael Cohen has said. Yes, I lied. I live for reasons. Now, I wish I hadn't lied now. I'm going to tell the truth. It's absolute Djinnit and common in our system for those on the other side of that to say, but why believe that person in this instance, the people saying don't believe Michael Cohen are also people themselves Donald Trump in particular was a long list of statements. He has made that are misrepresentations were factually inaccurate. Finally, what might we learn from or about all metaphor to more that we don't already know. I don't know that we're gonna learn that much. I think that honestly this is important that what the federal judges saying in this case is I want to see you. These are very serious allegations. You're going to appear with your permission to where I didn't mean to cut you got permission to wear a suit to court tomorrow. Even though there will be no pictures because it's federal court just sketches, right? Interesting. Interesting. I, but I I think the reality is it's a hearing. I don't know what we will learn I think it's impossible not to take very seriously what a special counsel in this case. Robert Muller said back in December. Which is they have evidence evidence of conversations between Manafort and the administration directly and indirectly after their plea agreement with him. I mean after their plea agreement and cooperation agreement with Paul Manafort, those are serious allegations. And if you put those together with allegations about what this administration has been doing around the Muller investigation in totality in totality. There is the possibility that one day, we might see a legitimate, obstruction of Justice fact pattern you and your patterns counselor. We are thankful for your wise counsel. Thank you as always for coming by Maya Wiley, what is the chance coming up. We will be covering a state of the union address again in this very studio five days from now. Bill Kristol waiting in the wings with his shutdown prediction when we continue..

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