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Learn more very busy night the NHL tonight that includes tomorrow night's upon at the United center the Boston Bruins playing host to the Vancouver Canucks night and after two periods at the TD garden it's the Bruins leading the nuts by a score of two nothing Brad Marchand scored his twenty third of the season other games after two periods it's Dallas in the islanders tight it's too well Colorado is blowing out the Sabres in buffalo sixty one also after forty minutes Tampa Bay with a two one lead on Vegas Los Angeles and Washington are tied at one Florida in Columbus are scoreless neck in the Panthers coming winners of seven of eight while Columbus is gone seven oh one one in its last eight also after two it's New Jersey with the three two edge in Montreal right now in the second period Anaheim an auto are tied at one and also after one period of play Nashville and Winnipeg are tied at one the preds with a late goal from Nick Bonino his sixteenth of the year and St Louis holds a one nothing lead after twenty minutes against the Carolina hurricanes college football news big news in the big ten is Michigan state head football coach mark Dantonio announced he is stepping down from his role offensive coordinator Mike trestles been named the acting head coach as the school searches for a permanent replacement d'antoni's retirement Asman comes one day after his former recruiting director file claims that Antonio committed NC double a recruiting violations as part of an ongoing lawsuit the new filing alleges that Antonio helped arrange employment the parents of two high profile recruits college basketball tonight to Paul will get underway at Xavier coming up in just a few minutes after the top of the hour big ten Maryland and Rutgers tied at forty seven in the second half meantime Arkansas currently I'm pieced upset number eleven Auburn the Razorbacks ontap sixty three to fifty four in the second half and about midway through the second Duke in Boston College neck in neck the score forty seven forty six in favor of the blue devils finally the NBA news there will be a bulls representative during all star weekend coming here next week Zack Levin will be participating in the three point shooting contest again Blackhawks and wild are scoreless after twenty minutes of play will talk about which right next on seven twenty WGN we've invented a new messaging system using the crisp sounds of bud light Chris listen forty two this.

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