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Yeah. Madam speaker. I've seen the dark evil of political violence firsthand. And it needs to stop. But all of us need to be unequivocal and calling it out every single time we see it. Not just when it comes from the other side of the aisle. Oppose this Rushed impeachment brought forward without a single hearing. And by the way, the Senate will not even take this up until President Trump is out of office. So let's keep that in mind it will on Lee Serve to further desert divide a nation that is calling out for healing. Madam speaker. Many Speakers today have invoked one of our nation's greatest leaders President Abraham Lincoln. Maybe we should follow some of Lincoln's wisdom. That he's imparted upon us and moments like this. As Abraham Lincoln was giving his second inaugural address in March of 18 65. Lincoln issued us a challenge. This is what he said. With malice toward none with charity for all with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right let us strive on to finish the work. We are in To bind up the nation's wounds to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan to do all which may achieve and cherish a just And lasting peace. Among ourselves and with all our nation's Madam speaker in times like these, let us Let us not reach out to our darkest demons. But instead, like Lincoln seek the higher ground. May God bless this Great United States of America. You'll back fatwas, Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, Republican from Louisiana, the minority weapon as Scott Simon told you, a victim of the shooting, and that's at a baseball game of softball game being played by members of Congress last year, grievously wounded Majority of the latest recognized for one minute. Thank the chairman for yielding. This is a troubled time. Sad time This is standing. Hoyer, majority leader from Maryland Democrats stood almost to a person. And lamented the violence. And the assault on this capital. And the assault on democracy itself. It was right to do that. This impeachment ought to be put in the perspective. What the Republican chair of the Republican Conference said. Itwas She said the president of the United States Some of the mob. Assembled. The mob. And let the flame of that attack. There has never been, she said. A greater betrayal by a president of the United States of this office of his office. And his oath. The Constitution. That is why we are here today. That is why we are here today. Just a week before that President At the request of the American people will leave office. The issue. Is What Do we do? 433 of us. I believe you are here. Do on behalf of the American people to respond. What Representative Cheney. Described happen. Under six of January. A mob. Assembled by Summoned Bye. And then spoken to to light the flame. Of the attack. Stop the steel. As we sat here. Exercising our constitutional duty and to his great credit. The vice president, the United States following the Constitution of the United States of America, notwithstanding the fact that he was opportunity by the president. Not to do so. That mob sent by the president. To stop the steel. Did so for a few hours not to steal but the constitutional duty that we had So we ask ourselves what do we do? What is our responsibility? What should we say? In light of on Lee, the civil war. As an analogy. That doesn't mean there haven't been demonstrations in Washington before and demonstrations throughout this country before. But it is the first And only physical presence other than The 9 11. Attack on this nation. Which came from abroad. Had a plane aimed at our Chapel Dome. This attack. Was not from abroad. It was as list, Janey said. Summoned Assembled. And inflamed. By the president. The United States. Of America. Who unless, Cheney said words. If there has never been a greater betrayal by a president of the United States of his office. And his oath to the Constitution. I pride myself as a member of this Congress who for 40 years has worked in a bipartisan fashion. With many Of your leaders and due to this day What are we to remain silent? In the face of Liz Cheney's saying This was the greatest betrayal. The duty of the president, United States in history. Are we just stand silent? Will we stand silent? Will we not stand up? And say. This. Is not acceptable. Madam speaker For four years, Donald Trump has made no effort to hide his ambitions. Or his lacking of Republican principles. Not our principles. But the principles that Abraham Lincoln was just quoted as having said Your president. Our president. Has never displayed those in the four years he's been president, United States There's a lot of little constraint on his worst in Galatians. His desire for autocracy and his glorification of violence have not been tempered. But rationalized Rationalized by those who sought to profit financially and politically. On their proximity to power. Upon the foundations of virtue. Reason and patient wisdom Laid down by George Washington As our first president Donald Trump Trump has constructed a glass palace of lies, fearmongering. And sedition. Last Wednesday on January 6th, the nation in the world, watched it shatter to pieces. There can be no mistaking any longer than the kind of man sitting in the Oval Office or its intentions and capabilities. The curtain has been pulled back. Office to which he was elected could not temper. Or reform him. Washington's legacy was passed down to us not as written decrees. Mr Speaker of the House is not in order. Gentlemen, the Germans correct the house will be in order. Washington's legacy was passed down to us not as written decrees. But understood norms. How we all act how we ought to conduct ourselves. Term after term, Each occupant has observed those norms out of a recognition that our Constitution's articles are not the only preservative. Of our democracy. More than two centuries, Madam speaker whenever those norms were tested in strained good and virtuous citizens. On both sides of the aisle. Found common purpose and reaffirming those norms. Memory fades. From time to time, it must be refreshed. Madam speaker is the framers emerged from the Constitution Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked whether they had made America Monarchy or republic. Probably all of us know this response. Republic. He answered. If You can keep it. That's the question today. If We can keep it. The way we keep it is to say. No. Actions. And words. That do not Promote the keeping. That republic. Millennia. People have understood that the republic is only a stable is in lasting as the citizens. And leaders who commit themselves to its upkeep. This president shown us He's not committed to that project. His tweets. Every day. I've shown he has not committed to that project. Indeed, he openly disdains it and appears to prefer the alternative. But what of the rest of us? Those off who have the honor and the great privilege..

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