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News radio tune third the news what nourished garage never soon yes new john jim shelby center republicans plan to vote on their obamacare replacement plan on tuesday if they have the votes senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's job just got a little bit harder this bill this her that's nevada senator dean halard joining four other republicans in the know column but unlike is conservative counterparts who say the bill is obamacare light alor says the bill cuts too much desert medicaid struggle with mental health issues substanceabuse people with disabilities with no democratic support mcconnell can only afford to lose to republicans right now the number is five bill rakoff cbs news washington president trump tweeted last night questioning if president obama was advised by the cia in august that russians were attempting to meddle in the election why did need do something about it and revelation made in the latest intelligence leaked to the washington post suggests that the white house was overly confident that hillary clinton would win the election anyway political analyst larry saveta part of the reason why obama didn't go public or didn't go as public as perhaps he should there was because he didn't believe the russian attempt to interfere in the election would succeed cbs news has learned when us officials inner to russian compound in maryland and new york last december compounds that were shut down by the obama administration they found damage materials that might have been used in intelligence gathering at least some of the thirty five diplomats who used the compounds were suspected of being involved in the election meddling according to officials on the one year anniversary of devastating flooding west virginia's being hammered by heavy downpours overnight the remnants of tropical storm cindy weather service meteorologist mike measure says the rain stretches from texas to new york and somebody from the storms will be you were uh revere on also bear watching uh across louisiana mississippi now obama where um on a lotta areas receive heavy rainfall from cindy china's sichuan province is the scene of a desperate rescue effort after a massive landslide buried a village of more than forty homes believed at least one hundred forty people may be buried under boulders the size of cars the slide also blocking a mile stretch of river it's billed.

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