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And Brian Baldinger back with you Here in Kansas City, a quiet 77,000 folks here at Arrowhead Stadium. Neither team has been stopped yet, Brian. It's just who's had the ball and how many points they score. Browns have had two back to back 75 yard drives. The big play on that driver was from the rookie Anthony Schwartz. He's in there. And that play because Odell Beckham Jr is not Up and playing today, although he warmed up the whole time. Still getting that knee, right? But you can't ask more for rookie at Auburn Air to come up with two big plays on that drive one of 42 yards, which was a big play to flip field position Landry with the four yard touchdown run after the review, Brown scored eight points in their first possession on a touchdown by Chubb. And then there was a penalty on the point after attempt till they moved up and then went to And now, Jed Rick Wills is being carted. He had gotten hurt on that play is being carted off the tunnel to our right is chasing McLaughlin sends this one high in the air. It's going to be taken by Pringles. The end zone is going to take a big loss. For that Cleveland UH, offensive line at left tackle with wills, their second year man at first round pick last year, Going off on the cart. He had his left shoe off, so leads to believe that it's the left foot. Ankle. Something like that. But Chris Hubbard is an experienced backup player played last year. When will's got hurt played when Conklin got hurt, so he's played both tackle position she's expected to step up right now. The Kansas City offense on the field first in 10 of their own 25, Edward Delaire. To the right of Mahomes was out of the shotgun in motion all the way to the near side. It's the right side. Two receivers out to the left, takes the snack stands in throws, fires a pass out the hill near side. He's got it. He's hit and take it down by Denzel Ward. At the 33 yard line. A gain of eight on that first down completion to help the Browns have a new middle linebacker this year. Anthony Walker, They signed him from the Indianapolis Colts. He's a good player. And so in the middle, you've got a rookie. I mean, you got a new middle linebacker. You've got a rookie Greg Newsome, stop starting opposite of Denzel Ward. A lot of new faces on this defense. Second to Kansas City, left to right. Mahomes inside Handoff. Edwardsville air. Goes low. Pushes ahead to the 35 gets the first down two yards is all he needed two yards. What he got. Malik McDowell made the stop inside for the Browns pretty good job there by the left guard Joe to me, just pulling around, and, uh, pretty good power effort. How about this? They marked the ball about two inches short of the 35 yard line, So it's going to be third down about two inches. Anything any re drill? Happy about that spot. He's looking right down the line of scrimmage. Walker, Anthony Walker, number four, a lot of single digit numbers out there, Chris as a linebacker, he's calling the signals they turn they give to the fullback Burton. He's going to pound his way up the gut. He's going to get the yard and the two inches that he needed. But the first down for Kansas City. With 12 minutes to go here in the second quarter rounds of 15 to 3 League mentioned Anthony Walker coming to Cleveland from Indianapolis, where last season was the only player in the NFL. Who had multiple games of 15 or more tackles that was playing next to Darius Leonard. You know who went to another program? He used to get all the tax? Yeah. Edwards earlier to the right of Mahomes takes the snappy shoveled inside the hill and he is eaten up in the backfield taken down by Debian Clowney all the way back to the 29. They lose seven yards on that play As Debian, Cloudy makes his presence felt for the first time this afternoon. Well, it's it's an influence play and on the play. They don't block Jadeveon Clowney. They think the motion is just going to move them. Except genetic cloudy. All he did was come straight. And for the first time today he really made an impact. The blow things up. I've talked to him before the game was out this week with some illness. He's out there, he said. He's going to make an impact. That was a huge playoff second down. Seconded 17. Now Edwards of there goes in motion out to the left high snap, driven down by Mahomes flag comes down. He's going to air it out in the middle of the field under thrown nearly intercepted. It was intended for Hardman poked away by M. J. Stewart. Again. Getting his hands out of here is the penalty December 95 Yard penalty second down, Clowney did jump. Right before the snap. Has two defensive offsides penalties by their ends. Garrett had one earlier and cloudy had one mom sees that and he just feels like he's got a free play, which the good quarterbacks in this league they try to take advantage of. Just through a jump all that time to Nicole Hardman knew that have got intercept. Anything bad happened that he was still going to get five yards. Edwards, the lair to the left of them fakes. The handoff, swings it out left. Hartman's got it written down from behind by Anthony Walker out of the 39 yard line, Gator about three now coming up here for Kansas City. Cities and a chief sitting in third down in this situation you're always thinking about Kelsey. Where's Calc? Because, even if he's not open initially, Moms always has an eye on number 80 seventies in the left slot this time. The left of the line. Williams motion back into the backfield set up from the right hip of Mahomes is out of the gun. Takes the snap on third down fires over the middle caught by Hill right at midfield, taken out immediately, But it's a first down pick up as Denzel Ward made the stopped after an 11 yard gain first down for the Chiefs 9 48 to go here in the 2nd 15 to 3 rounds in front. That was just, uh, just a side arm Sling shot. From the homes to Tyree Kill fact on the play. Travis Kelsey stayed in the block to give Mahomes a little extra time. He took a hit, but the slingshot just beat everything else that came out. Kelsey. Tight end left Hill lied out to the left near the numbers. Chelsea back in motion right side. Now take this snap. They rolled a pocket right sets up. Mahomes looked to throw it deep. Now he brings it down. Being chased by Clowney throws down the sideline, and it's knocked away from Tyree killed the last moment by Denzel Ward, who came over to knock it away. Well, the Chiefs want defensive pass interference, and it should be called. He went over the back of Tyree kill. He's over his left shoulder with his left hand and knock it away. But on the play side judge who's watching the play, got tripped up and fell so he never saw it. But they're seeing it inside the stadium on the big screens, and it was pretty flagrant or did he get there right at the same time as the ball 9 11 to go here in the 2nd 15 3 Kansas City back to throw my home salt costs over the middle of Pringle, and he's written down immediately by Anthony Walker inside the 45 of the 44 yard line. To gain of six on the play. So far, this rebuilt offensive line has been pretty good. Especially the Rockies, Humphrey at center and Trey Smith and right tackle..

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