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Sports flag burning fuse called football an SEC battle Georgia quarterback Jake from three for two hundred seventy nine yards two touchdowns the eighth ranked Bulldogs out enough to defeat number six Florida twenty four seventeen Georgia head coach Kirby swallows his team can play even better though we have not arrived we are not we have to get better for a lot of things that we got to work and we got some really tough team to open up the place and that's what I reiterated to Argos elsewhere in Boca seven yard TD scamper with under a minute to play Notre Dame rallies past Virginia Tech twenty one twenty pac twelve Utah finds a way past Washington thirty three twenty eight Dr alarms to for three scores ran for another claims and no problems with Wofford fifty nine fourteen Michigan pummeled Maryland thirty eight seven Auburn enough to get by almost twenty to fourteen Cincinnati survives get these Carolina forty six forty three Kansas state hammer Kansas thirty eight ten Wake Forest all over and see state forty four to ten NFL news the patriots reportedly activating first round pick wide on the kill Harry off I are eligible to play Sunday night on the road against the ravens Steelers of way better receiver Donte Moncrief NBA scoreboard the thunder took down the pelicans one fifteen one oh four now that's got past the magic ninety one eighty seven pistons beat the nets one thirteen one oh nine Andre Drummond twenty five points twenty rebounds Irving as their career triple double in the Los Bucks over the raptors one fifteen model five thirty six points fifteen boards for Jana S. T. wolves cross the wizards one thirty one one oh nine sons one fourteen griz won all five formats over the warriors ninety three eighty seven the Sixers rally from ten down the fourth the beat the Blazers in the thriller one twenty nine one twenty eight some baseball news Yankees closer role this Chapman has reportedly reached a new deal with the team and will not opt out of his current contract an extra year of eighteen million will be added to the two years thirty million remaining on his current deal World Series MVP Stephen Strasberg reportedly opting out of his contract with the nationals the hockey the Rangers defeated the predator to one the Oilers got fifty one saves for Mike Smith a Alaska penguins two one overtime islanders won their ninth in a row defeating the Sabres one nothing devils handle Carolina five three Bruins over the senators five two Panthers blank the red wings for nothing UFC Jorge Masvidal defeats Nate Diaz by third round TKO and our was a this is Jim Roman you've.

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