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So she was a cool lady. Well, just like you. So she disappeared in nineteen seventy seven. She was at the mayo clinic for something or other and was supposed to be catching her flight back home to Chicago. And never apparently got on that flight Boone, she was declared legally dead and may of nineteen eighty four. There's an investigation of the case uncovered some serious criminal activity associated with Chicago state. Owners silas. Jane, Richard Bailey and Bailey was eventually charged with but not convicted of conspiring to murder Brock MRs like ten years after the fact said did they never find her body? No. They've never found anything. Okay. Barely did get a sentence after being convicted of defrauding Brock. But nobody else has been tried for her murder that's on salt. It's an unsolved case. It'd be interesting. So we might want to look at that like to do some onself ones because like to debate. What you think happened is always fun to debate. Sure. Okay. What is our next voicemail? Next voicemail is from jasmine. And she has a case suggestion, and this is a a lady from down under. Oh nice. Hi, dick Hijo. My name's jasmine. I'm from town call low, which is safe obscene. Newsouth. Well, I'll Strahl era. I just wanted to say, I absolutely about the podcast. I have a lot of chronic pain issues. And you'll put cost is the only one I listen to help me get through the nights when everyone else is asleep..

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