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I, CONNER hasn't shown me that he's get up specialist or sweeper, or reversal guy, or even even the tie ups. I mean. Frank. MIR took down. I think our law ski. I remember going oud cancelled for Christmas because it was early in the fight, I believe. Yeah, and Andrea had these these incredible tie ups. You know that I've seen him do another fights, and there's some fighters that can do that. And then all of a sudden you neutralize. Somebody is vicious. Mirror can be from the top. I haven't seen Conard now, then that's sad, Connors, rarely on the bottom as well. So I don't know. Interesting man having seen could be really finished too many dudes from top. I mean, he he had Michael Johnson ready to go and he had to beg him. He's like, please just give up like, I don't know how to get you out of here. You know, I don't know. You know, eventually, you know, Mike just kind of gave him to arm and just kind of let it go. But he barely even defended that arm. You know he was ready to go and could be just couldn't get him out of there. Now, given, let me ask you something about those fights. Something I bring up to is people bring up, you know, the thousand mile stare that Barbosa had and the beating that Johnson took. But if you look at it after the worst parts of those, those waves, those guys actually. Success they actually were able to defend take down the follow, went around and have some success against could be kind of, you know, fitting along the criticism, you just shared about the maybe the finishing aspect of his game, maybe being a little bit overblown as great of grappler is, but maybe the finishing aspect being overblown. I think so in, like you said, he does the same interest. You know, they're, they're very, very basic. They're very. Once you see him a couple of times, you like, okay, all right. I get it, you know. And then even Al in his last fight, you know, all got taken down twice. But after that he's like, okay, I get these interests as a same shit that you're doing. You're not going to do it for for you know, forever. And you know, yet, of course, could be been his camp big on say, yeah, we wanted to stand up with them and we wanted to kind of get his experience like bullshit. You couldn't take them down, you try like and you. You didn't see to open. Is there no more because you don't know how to create them openness in. Is is, is like a lot more to it. I think than what people kinda give credit for. You know what I mean? Just somebody that I've been watching it for. Right. I, I'd be watching. I'm like, oh, man. I'm sitting back and I'm kinda just watching everybody. And I want to see how everybody moves and what they doing because when it is my time to get back in there and really like steal the show. Again, trust me, I'm taking a bit how people say they're black belts, and then there's black belts, right. I've seen people who are black belts, go against like Robert Drysdale. Vinnie Goliath. Yeah, just get mopped up. Yeah. Okay. Same thing happens in wrestling Rangers wrestlers and then there's wrestlers k. that gap that Habib has over Connor in this time period, how much could he have actually close that gap? The striking Connor Connor, closing it on hall. All wrestling is is is impossible. It ain't going to happen, but the thing is it's not a wrestling match if he don't want to engage with that, then he don't have to and that makes it easy. You know, it's much easier to defend something than it is to to get in there and now is Connor going to go out there and score offensive. Take down now is not today. Able to defend that take down if he doesn't even Harry day, but he doesn't even have to get in there. It's Emma may. You know he can move in and keep that center or he can. He can do so much more than engage them in wrestling. If he engages them wrestling, he's going to, he's going to get smoked. He can't. There's no way you can make up for that..

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