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Okay. And he was like unknown. He had a great opening game was like the second highest went to like five to one overnight. So this society is Bill. For instance, fame, and thus how in the heck can we really know how well. I guess the question is what kind of edges are really to a proven commodity, and then that brings because someone can get just as famous almost instantly. And then there's the old ten games. The thirty points is cold thirty two is boring. Why is it that a Lamar Jackson, and I'm not saying any individual case? But you'll see times it feels like Brad. Maybe I'm wrong about this or player had a better year the next year. And can you give me an example, March Jackson's a good one had a lot better passing numbers has year after winning the Heisman? But yet, you know, kind of fell out of favor. The public sentiment was I already wanted to own news all news. What's the next flavor of the month? Just makes Archie Griffin all the more impressive as till he played for the Bengals in the pros. That no one can overcome that. All right. So that's rule. Number one. Don't be afraid of longshot real number two. It's a quarterback award this century sixteen of the nineteen winners have been colder. Bax make sure if you're in one of these long shots quarterback for the most part. So what was your long shot two years ago? I was running back. Love hundred one then win some business of sadist and masochist, and you know, which one you are. Roles on that one finally RJ number three. He's got a play on a highly rated team the average regular season wins for the the guy the Heisman the team that is trophy winner was on ten point nine regular season win. So basically these teams are going eleven to one or better very few in fact zero zero Heisman winners have gone eight and four in the regular season. One on the win the Heisman strong stuff as any thoughts. I love it. So almost selectively lemme ask you, Brad. I should look at team. So I think you're gonna win ten or more games. And then look at those teams for value the quarterback their quarterback and look at the unknown quarterbacks. Exact the long shots. It's that simple. It's like an algorithm would say, it's simple. I'm saying, it's that's the process. But then the trick is is this guy in this is Brad is watching freaking spring games stream and all that stuff. This guy's got something. Sure right now. I don't think I've ever asked you. I'm actually a believer the college football posting boards, if you know who to read with any board is super knowledgeable. I totally agree with that if you know couple of the longtime posters, and if you're in there, and now it's almost twenty years if you've been following it for that long. There's guys inside there that that really know their stuff and have a good pause for their individual team. And I mean, it's like the guy like in. Friday night lights the TV series. Right. You've got the guys that have seen every game. And if you're saying, well, hey, this part of the field is really muddy. 'cause of the rain. He's gonna know how that's going to affect the game in a way that the like maybe five people know, and they're gonna know this third stringer..

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