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We'll try to get to as many phone calls as we can we start things off in Detroit. We talked to Jeremiah on CBS sports radio. Was that gal Jeremiah go ahead? I think you make a good point with Gruden. And I think there's a lot of room for him to make. But as far as Tonio around. I just feel like honestly, there's a there's a thing that you catch fire when you watch college ball and. It's something that players are playing for the game. And when you when everything comes and Tonio Brown, I just feel like he doesn't give a darn about the game. And he doesn't care. He just wants the money, and it's not inspiring. And it makes people dislike you. Public perception of Embiid take a hit and this last year, and I appreciate the phone call, Jeremiah, no doubt about it. He needs to return to the AB when nobody knew who he was or when he had the first two three years of success because that was a fun story that was easy to root for this last year. He was a massive a massive headache. And he still put up really good numbers. But a headache. And hey, I'm all for having an ego. I'm all four caring about yourself. When you play football though, you have to find that line of caring for yourself because you should try to get the most money as possible. However, not acting like a fool and this past year AB. Yes, he wins at the end of the day. He gets his money. A lot of people. Those started to laugh at him and say, yeah, I'm out on this guy. And it shows you buy what the raiders only have to give up to get him a three and a five. This was last year when he was available at you would have to probably give up two first round picks and song. However, that's what happened a lot of people view as toxic, and he could change that perception and change that in Oakland. If it was only the issue with Big Ben and in Pittsburgh, and we'll see how that changes in Oakland. Let's go out to Oakland. We'll talk to actor actor what's going on. Hey, how you doing up? Yeah. I'm excited about on your Brown is best receiver in the NFL and David Jon Gruden and restructuring organization to win another Vince Lombardi award, and we have a lot of pict. Derek carr. Get protection last year with the injuries that he had in the past. I'm optimistic that we're going in the right direction and we gonna make the playoffs unless you ball. We're going the right direction. Well, yeah. If you're a raiders fan, you should be happy today. I would not say Super Bowl yet. You have a long ways to go. You could have all these picks. You have to hit on them. And when you have all these picks, eventually you're gonna find gold like I follow the team in Philadelphia. Living there. The sixers. They had so many assets. Yes, they hit on Joel Embiid. They hit on Ben Simmons. They also missed on Nerlens. Noel Jalil Okafor and Marquel? Foltz Gruden a Mayock will determine how successful this organization will become they will be by their drafting great to get in Tonio Brown. You have to hit on these draft picks Scott in Pittsburgh, Scott. Go ahead shoot. Doing great. Well, you know Easter Kansas City and San Diego and would I in? He just one man, and they troublemaker here in Pittsburgh. And we're glad to get rid of them. But at the same time. Got a good player. Yeah. You do. And here's the thing. Scott. You may call him a troublemaker, and and that's fair with what he did pull last year. This Steelers organization though, they have to take a good look in the mirror though. Because you add three great players. Now, you have one left bell and Brown are done and you did not win with them. You did not win a Super Bowl with those three. So yeah, you could say all Tonio Brown. He's a pain impossible to deal with troublemaker. Ben also has to take a portion of that blame. Kevin Colbert has to take a portion of that blame Mike Tomlin with all the distractions has to take a portion of that blame. However, you heard it a few weeks ago, pens, the guy Benz the guy in Pittsburgh, genuflect to he's the man everyone else in the roster is a child you have. Have to change the approach need coach to be a little bit more. Strict you need not to be a dictator, but you need to be the Tate data voice that players don't walk over. And now you have to see if juju and Connor. And there are two really good football players. How productive though? Are they gonna be with now the entire league knowing who they are? And and you're not bell last year. So that's on adjustment. But you had Brown for most of the season. How do you adjust post having Brown and bell then the longer being there? But also in that locker room. Do you have a little bit of a problem where people start to take sides on team? Ben, you know, what AB was a great player. He should still beer the people start to question the quarterback. Those will be very telling things to see how the Steelers survive this. And we'll find out and we'll know very early in the Steelers season what type of team this is. It's going to be very interesting off season for them. We got the Palm Springs Michael joins Zack yelp show. Michael what she got from it. Thanks for having me on the show. No problem. Go ahead. I think I want to say I mean, look everybody wants to say that a visa cancer. He's a problem child. He's this. He's that. Well, what about Big Ben didn't Big Ben have some law issues early in his career? No quite around go around riding a motorcycle breaking every bone in his body. We wanna quit on the team. You're saying that he wasn't good enough. I think in that organization. I think bench to blame. I think Tomlin's to blame. No matter whatever the problem is you don't tell your star receiver to go home. You you settle it out. Well, the big problem the big problem with with Ben the big problem with Ben is he went on a radio show, and he criticized being ABC's very sensitive, and you can't have that happen anymore. You can't. And clearly they're not going to change that because they said they Bank go do the radio show. And it doesn't matter. He he has every right to criticize who he wants. So yes, one chapter did close in the sales organization, and as I said there's a pie here. And there's a lot of pieces in the pie that do deserve the blame one of them ABC for his own Kevin Colbert deserves blame like I said I sound like a broken record. Now, Mike Tomlin deserves blame. And Big Ben deserves blame as well. There's no doubt about it. There's a lot of blame to go around. It's not just one person when you don't win a Lombardi trophy. Tom Lou, Michael, Mike, hang tight with this will get to match dive in when we come back, but I is Darwin Zuck with the latest CBS sports.

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