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Even virtual, yeah, we're. We're living in the certainly different time than it was when we met face to face for the PODCAST. We know you know four months. This Kobe pandemic is that it is a serious virus that will recognizing. There's certain populations that were to infection that happens to be the African, American community. In. The data to me. You're really clear. 'cause there's been known health disparities. African American Hispanic population now for probably fifty sixty years in address in that out becoming very apparent with the Copenhagen because African Americans are more seemed to be more susceptible to infection. Rate of hospitalization is in a five to six times higher than any other, racial or ethnic group. The severity of disease seems to progress much much more rapidly, and then the risk of death is anywhere from you know some reports four to six times higher risk of death. Sometimes it's. Reporter showing ten times higher risk of death from African Americans. So here's what's relevant for what we talked about months ago. To now is that the health disparities of African Americans are due to lack of production of nitric oxide in were no, we know now know that people that have come abilities or really symptoms of insulation, nitric oxide production of the ones that suffered the worst severity of the disease, hospitalization and death. So now we have a clear mechanism. Of why African Americans are suffering from this? As well as Hispanics really focused on the African American population, and now we have ways, and we're actually investigating this. So, what will keep in touch in key to this? But to me? This is very important because no one's address to help disparities about African Americans despite the fact that we now know a mechanism of action, his loss of nitric oxide production, and now we have a chance to intervene in an address is very vulnerable population in a very important time in our lifetime. That's very exciting and very timely Do, you have! Do you have any thoughts on what it is? That makes the African American demographic so.

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