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I was so surprised to see your lack of enthusiasm for pop tart cereal because you are nothing. If not I mean, if anything gets close to your extra for cereals his view pop tarts. You see? I mean, I was very excited for this. But then I also got to try the new pop tarts bites and pop tarts crisps and men those kind of blow this out of the water because those really are just like, you know, baby Tamagotchi pop tarts that are just preserving all of the fun of the original. Yeah, it's worth noting that they have if you look at like old pop tarts crunch. I feel like I have not eaten this new serial. But just like looking at it. I pop tarts may link a little bit closer with like, the appearance wise of the of the thing. I don't know. I mean. Yeah. The the aesthetic value is there minus the sort of continuity problem with the Brown sugar, cinnamon sprinkles. So I definitely think it's a serial worth trying. I just think. What I recommended in my review is that they try like chocolate pop tart flavors like cookies and cream or chocolate fudge. Then they can really sorta solve the shell problem. Now. I'm seeing on this list here. And this is one that I've been extremely curious about sour patch kids cereal. This. This man, I only finally just got it yesterday. It was a very similar scenario to the sugar cookie toast crunch incident, where I had to wait at the back of the WalMart stocking room while this person got me, exactly one boxes of cereal. But this time I got carried it out. A lot more. Proudly look I sort of held look testament or at Thome that hoping that other people would catch sight of my exclusive perk because this is just like the most unique serial, I think I've eaten possibly ever. Wow. I'm not gonna say it tastes great. But it tastes interesting. Okay. So it's definitely sour when you shake your first bite, but it's sour and sweet at the same time, contrary to the popular sour patch kids slogan. So the fruit flavor itself it's kind of like a hybrid of tricks and fruit loops, but there's really sort of this light buzz at the back of your throat as well that makes that makes eating drive really like addictive for some reason. Like, you just can't look away like a train wreck. But putting it in milk actually is like a train ride to. I don't know it makes it sort of like buttermilk. Yeah. Sounds so bad me. Dan, the dry for sure I can completely grop. Thinking about that milk. Just kinda yuks me clean out yet sour sweet gun and back up again, not long after. Did you like it though? I think it's worth waiting till next summer when it's no longer, WalMart exclusive, and you can buy it in non family sized boxes. That would be my my recommendation. Pop tarts..

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