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Welcome to examining politics daily podcast from the newsroom of the washington examiner every thursday we bring you main street meets the beltway featuring selena's zito produced in cooperation with serious xm radio here's selena serious exams potus together with the washington examiner presents main street leads the beltway everyone's life has the story and i believe in debt every story should have the ability to be told a show that brings the stories of everyday americans to washington dc i have played in total in the past twelve years three hundred thousand miles on my fourteen year old jeep liberty people have the most amazing lives now here's your host selena zita welcome back to name straight meets the beltway unserious exemperor this i'm salinas zito reporter and columnist for the washington examiner they'll fate of follow me on twitter and tweet me your thoughts throughout show at selena zito s a l e n as the i teo this week main street meets the beltway is on the route we are on a road trip with me both on main street and in the beltway where a take you along with me for two interviews that i did one in gorgeous lake geneva wisconsin was speaker of the house paul ryan and the second one was right in the beltway right in the heart of washington d c was interior secretary ryan zinke we'll start off with zinke mainly because this is a guy who quite literally road in on a horse to work on his first day as a member of president donald trump's cabinet whether you like him or not i think that's pretty bad us zinc he's offices at the department interior alike a combination of of hunting lodge and a presidential library there are some incredible artifacts from the department of interiors broad collection scattered throughout the wooden panel fourth floor of the interior department which is right across the street from the mall including several tree dis and geological maps ed geology is a passionate zinke who attended the university of oregon and got a degree in geology.

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