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You do the tour Britain for the first commissaire are always Mitch. I love chat with Tim little hold on for a bit longer than wait longer normal. But now going back into that and going into the tour and working alongside the biggest most stressful by raise plot. Most did you first or did you hate you must have not the most have been some parts where you're like, I ridiculous or not because dope, and we're still going massively twelve years ago. I hope it was obviously going on because the first few tours member one because they all got kicked off forever. But I did it. That was just good fun. It was good fun today. We had a good team got it was very Roger Hammond Hammond being asked to find it was quite difficult to tell you had to be first thing this language, speak languages, you had to be an ex pro rider, and obviously at the hall of July to be able to go. So there wasn't really that many candidates. So I saw manage to wait in different now, though, go on the tour every in basically a Wiltord team in peleton unday Schlick undies like Stephen Roach staff killings. Right. What's van summer when summer as well? So it's mentally talk about cycling, even those guys. They were like massive earners. You know, some woman bay front short was under Franklin and the. Mental where he think you look at are you when all massive is one to one zero bay, and I'm not big. But now the around with you. The friends look enough to race. But for them is so recent you'd surprise like for me, I've not fallen. I wouldn't if I stopped. It's not because I didn't look this ball is because I couldn't carry on trying to do all that train into be mediocre. You know, it's at the highest level you want to do it. And if you have to drop down cloud fuel levels at the age, I'm. I wouldn't hate this by just finding to difficult mentally to do it now that lower level. So I think for them guys half into stock for whatever reasons it were earn in so much money the career and then into stop and go and do that. It's unbelievable in it. Yeah. I suppose to Israel when you think about it. But I think okay, you say there a lot of money. There's not one person. Does bike riding because the money really your every single person started bike riding because they liked him and some bad nervous. Some people. Their highest. I'm vulnerable to finish club run of the people who win the funds, but every single person starts because I love bike riding. The money's really got nothing to do with it. So they want to still be involved in the probably the best way to volved in talk driving VIP's extreme every stage. Got the ARGUS go helicopter. They stay in nicest chateau's in France. So really the fact that I were champions doesn't take a why they left slightly as well on still be involved. I guess coffee. Seven a coffee break chump trial. Purple things crew a final switch full of sugar. We say finales sway is like what you have in the fine..

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