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One compliment that that the compliment that impacted me the most in terms of making me feel good about myself was win. Some really tough guys Said to me in one of my of my best friends that those are the craziest guys and us guys great around They were acknowledging our willingness to engage in finding it whatever. The case may be Well first thing. I wasn't i wasn't actually crazy. I wasn't actually as tough as my two best friends. But what the fact that they thought. I was made me feel so good about who i am. It's greater than any delay that anyone's giving me my athletic ability The way that. I felt that moment so we have to be careful about that as adults. Educators that we are praising our kids to the degree that whatever they're hearing from the other side of the street Doesn't pack impact them as much as what we're saying to them and i am adamant about that The kids that relationship with would probably all tell you. Yeah mchenry thinks. I'm the greatest guy on earth or the greatest girl on 'cause i'm gonna i'm gonna win the battle of praise in these young people because i know that they can get paid for on the wrong thing as well and that's kind of mean. Circumstances are different but that seems kind of like a universal thing for kids at least at some point in their growing up where what their friends say and think about them means more than anything else. Whether you're coming from the best you know household or the worst you know. Just at some point i. It seems like that happens to everybody right. I mean we're yeah. I think it's a i think it's a natural thing for adolescents to go through but i also think that when you don't have certain relationships or significant relationship with your parents that it becomes even more of a thing to have it with other adolescence and so we're attempting to do is provide positive..

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