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Three's a dash affordable insurance. Com Affordable Insurance new drivers welcome Right. We're seeing a little bit of rain right now. The National Weather Service says there are showers in Bedford. We're seeing showers in Mars field. Worcester is seeing a little bit of rain as well. Otherwise cloudy skies We could see a break of sunshine today. I don't think it's going to be long lived. And then here comes tonight. Friday night. Are you headed out? Going to be cloudy sticky with patchy fog Low 67, Then tomorrow, low clouds patchy thought to start high 85 warming up to 90 by Sunday. We have a special weekend weather outlook for you coming up a little later on this half hour. Gunfire on the North Shore PVT. Police are searching for suspects. WNBC TV's Lisa Gresh e says the violence hit two neighborhoods. Police here in PVT are investigating a reported shooting have been scouring two separate scenes, and right now it's unclear if the two scenes are related. One of them isn't far from where I'm standing the police station at all on Allen's Lane and Washington Street investigators surrounding a car that appeared to have bullet holes in the driver's side door, blocking off the intersection completely. The second scene less than two miles away on veterans Memorial Drive. Least focusing on another vehicle there and its back window shattered. At one point. Investigators were looking underneath the car nearby, checking what appeared to be from more bullet holes. One victim was serious wounds is at mass general, the other treated for non life threatening injuries. Hours before sentencing a legal blow to former Minneapolis police officer Derek Show.

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