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One of the most interesting ones and baffling. This is melanie. Mcguire arrested today minutes after dropping offer children at daycare. Melanie mcguire a new jersey. Nurse was accused of killing her husband cutting up his body and throwing it into the chesapeake bay in two thousand seven. What was being called the suitcase. Murder trial was generating an enormous amount of media attention. Not just in new jersey but all across the country three bizarre discoveries three separate suitcases all containing human remains the woman who is on trial for her life. She says the real truth behind the crime has never been revealed with no history of violence and no apparent motive for murder. Could she really have done it too. Was this beautiful young nurse and they were the seemingly normal middle class couple and the murder happened in such a grisly way. The idea that this beautiful nurse could have actually killed her husband and then cut him. Up is just incredible. Of course they were salacious aspects. Maguire is a registered nurse and prosecutors. Say she had an affair with a doctor. She didn't fit the profile. I guess of a murderer over the years students and colleagues vowers have come to me and said you know melanie mcguire. Procr- proclaims her innocence. And we'd love to tell her story. I started thinking. Oh maybe there is a little more than this case than what you see on the surface and then the idea of a podcast came up and i was all in on direct appeal. We examined the murder conviction of melanie. Mcguire following a highly publicized. Trial looking at the evidence that was presented and the evidence that may have seemed insignificant at the time before own conclusion. About melanie's guilt we here at abc. Have our own history with melanie. Mcguire case back in two thousand seven. Abc's cynthia mcfadden had the first on camera interview with the mother of two on trial for murdering her husband. Who was the melanie mcguire. You hope to jury knows.

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