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Back welcome to the program once one story that we have gotten to uh that i think needs more time than uh than what we have is the the oregon couple who uh they have a low iq and a child couple of children the state of oregon just came in and said their iq is too low and took the children from them it's an amazing story will give this to you tomorrow also that's got essentials down your spine jeffey while i mean that would be a shame if they took my children away i would hate the seriously though i read stories already heard lately where parents are are losing their kids to the state listen to this there is no sign of abuse and no neglect that has been found she but each parent has a degree of limited cognitive abilities does it say whether iq is uh no it doesn't they lost custody of their older son right after he was born in five months ago they took their second child directly from the hospital they're both now in foster care is a believable in that up awful yeah really cases left the couple and their advocates heartbroken can we see if we can get can we see if you get these pay parents on the phone give maybe they're attorney on the phone and this is awful tours i mean what right i mean you wanna talk about progressive nightmares this is exactly what was going on at the turn of the century you're too stupid to have kids defective yeah got a tame hughley for me yeah gonna take you away from your stupid parents yeah got a sterilize them at yeah and they wanted to stop more stupid people what was it oliver wendell holmes who was this court justice said three generations of imbeciles is enough yeah we let this this poor child's mother and her grand man procreate and three generations of imbeciles in this family's enough wow that's a supreme court justice uh what what's the difference here they're just not sterilising them right but they have children known collect no abuse the the of the wife for the mother has van around preschool and worked at preschools her whole life in around kids loves kids and they take them away this is the.

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