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Hope you certainly do everybody else. Thank you for tuning in wherever you are in the world. Glad i could share some of my radio content with you if you are outside of the us or canada and not a sirius xm subscriber. Of course if you're outside the us or canada you can't be a subscriber because it's only four the us canada so it kind of makes sense that you'd be listening to the podcast. Thank you for doing so hope. Everybody's having a great week we got two interviews for you this week excited to bring you. I really sars. Oh who call into my show a couple of weeks ago of course by now. You've heard the news. That rudy is returning to quiet riot and will be resuming playing bass with them for the first time in like eighteen years. Starting in twenty twenty two and is really pretty much alludes to in the interview. You're about to hear quiet riot. Were with the death of frankie bonaly. Were basically playing without any of the members that were so identifiable from their biggest period. Which was the mental health record. Chuck right came into the band after that and actually plays on some of mental health. But it really is frankie. Bonaly kevin dubrow bro. Carlos cavazos rudy sars that people most associate with the biggest by far quiet riot record. And obviously with. Frankie gone and kevin gone the idea to bring rudy back into the fold. Is something that regina bonaly who runs the quiet riot organization now. Frankie's widow wanted to do and according to rudy in the interview. You're about to hear it. Something that frankie wanted to happen and was one of his wishes as he was getting ready to pass away quite quite Intense to hear this and rudy is just a great guy. He's played with a ton of bands over the decades. But just really a wonderful person. He's been a friend. I've known him for many many decades now. And if you've seen my social media. I posted a photo of me and him. It was one of the first interviews. I ever did. I was like eighteen years old. And if you go to my instagram or twitter just simply at any trunk. I put that up a couple of weeks ago but it was great to visit with him. We look forward to seeing what he brings into quiet riot for this next phase with this band and it should be interesting to watch and see the band will continue to be the other members being alex grassi on guitar and on vocals gysi pearl and on drums. Johnny kelly. frankie also talks about in the interview that they absolutely will wanna do new music at some point as well so we'll see how that all goes really sars. oh this was an exclusive. At the time that this happened live on the radio a couple of weeks ago. This was him breaking the news to the world exclusively on the radio show. Obviously this was a couple of weeks ago. So it's been out there now for a while but at the time this happened live. It was exclusive news that nobody had heard up till this moment interview number. Two in the show today. Is tommy ski. Oh tommy is the former guitarist of tesla. One of my favorite bands. Tesla is four fifths. The original lineup the only member in the band. Currently that is not original. Is thomas keough. Tommy has had well documented issues with substances in his career and unfortunately that cost him his gig tesla but fortunately tommy has turned a corner and gotten healthy and is doing way better by every account and he now has a new band called resist and bite that released a new song recently called fate and has been out playing some shows. They made a live. Debut in nashville. Not too long ago like a week or so ago. So i've always loved. Tommy always rooting for him. I am very happy that he seemingly is turned his life around and has made some really good new sounding music. Look it up online. There's well resist and bite. Is the name of the band. So we'll hear from tommy and get an update from him on how he's doing and his new band in the second interview.

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