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On these fine spring mornings when the Great Gildersleeve has nothing much to do. He likes to go out and putter around the yard. He contemplates the flowers Myers. The butterflies inspects the blooms on his apple tree and marvels at the Green Green Grass. Gio is the place looks great and about once a year. He takes a look behind the garage view. My goodness place looks terrible. Trash accumulate lear. I pretty big pile breaking Leroy. Everything we want gets tossed behind the garage tar paper. Cardboard Boxes Shoes Shingles Leroy that my water bottle. Yeah the split. You sat on the night of the big freeze. Let's see wear the matches. Why not be boy scout tenure foot? I'll go ahead and light it. I just had a horrible sauce was born toward Mr Bullard House. Burn the TAR PAPER IN HOT WATER BOTTLE. Put them actually burnish. I remember the day you burn the old tired Mr born came roaring over. Did it that you shaking? I was not. I just came out without my sweater. You came more. I don't remember do because big water buffalo. I DIDN'T WANNA start trouble when you didn't resent that he called you a Nincompoop. Can't call me that Roy. Burn the pile gotta be keen may not be home anyway. Excelsior so things will start. They was going to make a lot of smoke. Mr Bullard smokey bear Leeli. We're not trying to antagonize these. Butch even looks like a bear. The smell coming across the street here. We go again because you are and on. Well he'd Better Watch. I've had about enough of him. I Don that'd be the biggest battle we ever. This is the most small you. I'm standing on my neighbor to get along with. Good Morning. Your name Laura. Don't you good morning? Are you upset about something? Well no but. Aren't you cost corn? Say all the tar paper for nothing. You mean you don't object all this smoke drifting over your way. Gildersleeve you do me an injustice. You speak of me as if I were a crotchety mean neighbor. Yummy all eyelid. That was a time when you irritated me not anymore. I'm in love with all the words L. Glad to hear it instability. Glad you're not offended. I just thought perhaps the smoking type paper or no no. No no no no no. As a matter of fact euless you came over to tell you. I think you're setting a fine example for the neighborhood. I like to see the community. Need looking and welcomes guiltlessly. Espn civility your Prince of Othello. Day Mr Bill Leroy. He called me a principal fellow named component.

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