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One. It was high smith member with a groin. He was was he limited on wednesday. He went limitless all list on thursday and then full participant friday and then the even lifted is questionable tag on saturday so that tells me that maybe there is an opportunity for iran to practice on friday and even if he's limited he'll probably be labeled as questionable and it might be a game time decision. Friday is going to be a big day for sure. I want to ask you also about witherspoon kella witherspoon. He did not get a helmet. We assume if you're gonna make a trade like it's talked about trade shows show you're going to make a trade for player. My gosh give him a helmet on game day right. I mean he. He's had a week. Dave how do you see him using if at all well. He doesn't know that he's goes above. And beyond as a special teams guy. I think that was part of the reason why he was on the trading block in the first place because if he wasn't going to be a starter they felt like they needed more special teams stuff in seattle. That was a rumor. I don't know for sure if it was true Because i mean he has some special team snaps to us career. That might be part of it. It just i mean it's not like he was joe haden. You know what. I'm saying that you pick up late and you could throw in there. It's not like he's fitzpatrick a guy that that's that's a all pro player that you're throwing it was a guy that the that doesn't mean that he can't do a great job for the steelers but not everybody can do that the same way so i would say if he's not ready to do what the steelers wanna do where it's where communication and everything else is the key on this dominant defense. If he's not ready then don't play until he's ready. That's all i would say what you. Brian meeting witherspoon. We've seen this in the past with a few players last year. We saw with a guy that came in on halloween. And that was avery williamson. We saw it believe it or not we saw it with. We saw it less. Joe haden like dave mentioned. He was the one who was able to come in and adjust quickly. But we've seen these adjustments with vance mcdonald with ryan switzer of were seeing it now. A little bit of a an adjustment which job as well. So i can understand not give up when i saw his name on the fifty three but not getting a hat on sunday. I wasn't surprised at all. And the reason i wasn't surprise was just for a lot of what dave said with the special teams thing but also with just the fact that gosh. He showed up on a he showed up a after the preseason game after the last preseason game with not a lot of time to adapt in get in there. So i you know. I'm thinking that You'll probably start seeing him be mixed in more. But if you're looking for an immediate return from a guy like kello witherspoon you're not gonna get it. Dave not add something. I would ask you guys a question short if he's active this week. Whose helmet does he take. Justin lane is adjusted lane. I mean they have united air arizona outside. He played thirteen snaps. But just i didn't think about malebo on a bad one brian. What do you think. I would say justin lane because molet showed up and was there and Did he do anything. Amazing know what he was around the ball he was a complete non-factor with justin l'ennemi lane have special teams stamps safe he.

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